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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Christmas Wish List For Santa...

I'm going to show you my Christmas list this year and maybe this will give you some ideas for your list or for a loved one in your life.

Gifts for geeks:

Harry Potter bracelet from Wrist9Art

GEEK metal art bookends from KnobCreekMetalArts

Gifts for book lovers:

One of my favorite websites is GoneReading Gone Reading International has pledged 100% of their after-tax profits to provide new funding for reading-related charities. By purchasing GoneReading brand gifts and merchandise, you’re treating yourself and the world at large to a wonderful gift. All purchases from GoneReading help contribute to their philanthropic work. They donate to great non-profits such as READ Global, Ethiopia Reads and BiblioWorks.

Here are some of my favorite bookish gifts from

Book shaped platters - So cute!

Jane Austen inspired candle
&  Edgar Allen Poe fragrance diffuser 

Gifts for audio fans:

Legend -
Prodigy -
Champion - *new release

SolRepublic over-ear headphones

From my son, Andrew (15 yr. old musician):

 "These headphones are amazing. You can listen to any genre of music with a clean mix and
a nice, flat EQ. They go very loud without losing any low-high frequencies, and are very
comfortable. I have mixed music genres from Dubstep, to Metal, and I can hear
every sound and instrument with ease.
These headphones are extremely high quality.  Whether you're an audiobook listener, music listener/musician and music producer. These are a must buy for anybody looking for a good set of headphones for a great price. Very comfortable, flexible, and easy on the eyes too. I really like these a lot. Plus, the interchangeable headbands in all different colors are really cool

~ Merry Christmas!

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