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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Reading Tween Review} Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident By Eoin Colfer

The Arctic Incident
Artemis Fowl #2
by Eoin Colfer
Reading level: Ages 9 and up
Hardcover: 277 pages
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion (May 6, 2002)
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Artemis is at boarding school in Ireland when he suddenly receives an urgent video e-mail from Russia. In it is a plea from his father, who has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafiya. As Artemis rushes to his rescue, he is stopped by Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon fairy police. But this time, instead of battling the fairies, he is going to have to join forces with them if he wants to save one of the few people in the world he loves.

Favorite Character and why?
My favorite character is Artemis Fowl ||. It's not because he's the main character, I avoid liking people because they're the main character, it's because he's a genius, he's super cute, and he just screams awesomeness.

All the characters where so different you would have thought different people had made them. Like Julias Root is hot headed while Holly Short is cool and a load of trouble, Butler is anxious and a fighter while Artemis is a genius and not very athletic (To put it nicely)

The Plot?
The plot was a double. Saving Artemis Fowl, and dealing with Opal Koboi so it's really cool

The Setting?
The setting was amazing and well thought out. I enjoyed imagining myself right next to Artemis Fowl with a clear vision of where I was

None. Not what so ever. Artemis has no time for that, Holly thinks all males are stupid, Julias is like a father is all the elves in the LEP, Butler is to busy with Artemis to find a girlfriend  and Juliet ist in this book very much.

YES! There is loads of action. Fighting scenes are awesome. They're not too detailed but just enough that you can invision yourself in the scene.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes middle grade books full of action, and faeries.

The Audio Reader?
I thought the reader was awesome. He did really good Irish accents and did it all very well, with different voices for all the characters.

I LOVE this book and that I'm constantly going back and forth from the library to get the next one.


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