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Friday, January 10, 2014

Harry Potter Needs Recasting? Challenge Accepted.

The internet is a dangerous place. Sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult to know if something you're reading on the internet is even true. For example; I have recently seen rumors circulating (only rumors, right?) that within the next ten years, we will have before us an entirely rebooted series of Harry Potter movies. new director, new crew, and most excitingly, a new cast.
Oh, I can hear it now. People crying out, "Blasphemy! You simply cannot remake those movies!"
Believe me, I understand. The Harry Potter series, both movies and books, are (forgive the pun) nothing short of magical. But hear me out.
The people of this time were lucky enough to watch this series grow. For many people, some of the most exciting days of their lives were when the new Harry Potter book came out, or when they went to the midnight premiere of one of the movies. I will argue that not only should someone remake the Harry Potter movies, but that is necessary. I think the next generation should be able to experience Harry Potter with movies that are even better than the originals, something to be excited about, and to bring that magic into their own childhood. That's what Harry Potter is.
Now, I'm sure these rumors are only that -- rumors. However, it is still a lot of fun to think about. What would a remade series of Harry Potter movies look like? I've been thinking about this for awhile. First thing's first, these movies would need a new cast. They wouldn't be able to bring in the old actors to play the same characters, no way. Everything would need to be fresh, while still sticking with what J.K. Rowling wrote about these characters. So, without further ado, here is my own dream casting for a Harry Potter reboot.
(A quick disclaimer: I am not going to cast anyone who is the age of a student at Hogwarts during or after Harry's time there. Yes, that includes Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I feel like they should cast "nobodies" for these roles; there simply aren't enough ten/eleven-year-olds in the acting world to properly cast this. They would need to hold open auditions, a find actors who are completely unheard of for these roles.)

Albus Dumbledore - Liam Neeson
Here's my problem with both previous castings for Professor Dumbledore: sure, they were both old, and pulled off the sort of stern look well, but neither of them were Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore is someone described as being both incredibly old, while remaining oxymoronically youthful. He's supposed to constantly be wearing a twinkling smile, looking as though he's constantly enjoying himself. He has to look old, sure, but he has to retain an incredible amount of energy. And another thing; Dumbledore has to instill fear into the hearts of his enemies. And for all these things, I think Liam Neeson is a perfect choice.

helen mirren oscars 2007 12

Minerva McGonagall - Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren is an incredibly strong female actor. While I loved Maggie Smith in this role, I think that Mirren could have a lot to bring in a reinterpretation.

Rubeus Hagrid - Robin Williams
Fun fact: Robin Williams was refused a role in the Harry Potter series because he's an American. In my opinion, this was a huge mistake. I can think of not a single person better fitted for filling Rubeus Hagrid's enormous shoes. Size isn't a matter, in this world of incredible technology and camera tricks. Williams is an incredible actor, perfectly capable of pulling of the sweet, loving character that is Hagrid. Plus, he can totally rock a wild beard.

olivia colman

Petunia Dursley - Olivia Colman
Not really much to say here. If you have seen Colman's work, such as that in BBC drama Broadchurch, you will know that she's an amazing actress. In my opinion, she could very well have a very Dursley-ish air about her.

Vernon Dursley - Ian Mcneice
Not a very well-known actor, but I think his work as Winston Churchill in Doctor Who was pretty fantastic, and he fits Vernon's description pretty darn well.

Severus Snape - Tim Roth
I don't think Alan Rickman was right for the role of Snape. Don't get me wrong, he was absolutely brilliant with what he did. But I don't think Alan Rickman did a very good portrayal of Severus Snape. We're talking about someone who is angry, greasy, a complete creep. Rickman's portrayal was calm and cold. Snape is supposed to be absolutely seething. I think Roth could pull this off very, very well.

Argus Filch - Christopher Walken

Is it just me, or does everyone need more Walken in their life? He is such an amazing actor. He brings such joy to every single role he plays, no matter how creepy that character may be. Anyone who plays Filch has to be comically creepy, and that's exactly what Walken is. Please, make my life, and let Christopher Walken play Argus Filch.

Professor Binns - John Hurt
Okay, please put this character in the movies. Please. The ghost professor that doesn't exist in any Harry Potter movie to date. I can think of nobody better to play this role than John Hurt.

Quirinus Quirrell - Andrew Scott
If you've ever seen this guy play James Moriarty in BBC show Sherlock, you know what an amazing actor he is. Just picturing him in a turban and being all stutter-y... yeah. He's basically perfect.

Molly Weasley - Alex Kingston
Two words: Hello, sweetie.

Arthur Weasley - Martin Freeman
Basically every role that Martin Freeman plays from Bilbo Baggins to John Watson is Arthur Weasley in disguise. Seriously, this is the perfect choice.

Cornelius Fudge - Rowan Atkinson
Let's be honest here. Cornelius Fudge is an idiot. He is a bumbling fool who has absolutely no idea what he is doing half the time. But here's what makes it work for him: He pretends like he knows what he's doing. With works like Mr. Bean and Johnny English under his belt, is there anyone better qualified to play this role than Rowan Atkinson?

Lucius Malfoy - Michael Fassbender
Ah, Mr. Malfoy. The King of Cold Indifference. Jason Issacs was basically perfect for this role. But I have to ignore that. We're rebooting here. Now, in my opinion, there are several options for this role. But eventually, I settled on Michael Fassbender. He was fantastic in Prometheus and X-Men: First Class. But honestly, the real reason I chose him was because I think he could do a darn good Malfoy sneer.

James Potter - Daniel Radcliffe
Do I even have to give a reason?

Gilderoy Lockhart - Hugh Grant
Nobody pulls off pompously pretentious quite like Hugh Grant does. When I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it is Hugh Grant I see playing the role of Gilderoy.
I mean, seriously, just look at that smile.

Remus Lupin - David Tennant
He's tall, scruffy, and incredibly fantastic. Yes, he's already been in a Harry Potter movie. But we're ignoring that. He can capture the kind nature of Lupin perfectly, while giving you that dark and tired undertones to the character at the same time. Plus, I mean come on, he's David Tennant.

Sibyll Trelawny - Tilda Swinton
There is something about Swinton that is indescribably strange. Her work as the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia series was fantastic, and I think she would do very well indeed and oddball Professor Trelawny.

Sirius Black - Richard Armitage
We already know that Armitage can fit the rugged, tough guy persona that is Sirius Black, having seen him play the marvelous role of Thorin Oakanshield in the Hobbit films. No people, he isn't really that short. Standing at 6' 2" and looking rather good with a bit of scruff, I think Armitage is very fitting to play this Marauder.

Peter Pettigrew - Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis is an absolutely amazing actor. His extreme versatility, coupled with his slightly animalistic roles, make him the perfect fit for Wormtail. You've seen him in roles such as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Kong from King Kong, as well as more human characters like his fantastic role in The Prestige. 

Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody - Bill Nighy
Yes, I know. He was already in Harry Potter. But.... he was in the wrong role. This man was born to play crazed ex-auror, "Mad Eye" Moody. He is an angry, intimidating actor. And oh lord, that voice.

Nymphodora Tonks - Saoirse Ronan
Okay, maybe she's a bit young for this character. Maybe. Truth is, the age of Tonks is never specifically given. And I have faith that this Hanna star could do it.

Horace Slughorn - Bob Hoskins
I don't think I'm the only one who had a problem with a certain previous casting for Professor Horace Slughorn. Sure, it was comical and whimsy, but it just wasn't right. We want short, round, bald, and mustached. And for these reasons, I have chosen Bob Hoskins.

Lord Voldemort - Benedict Cumberbatch
Saving what is possibly my favorite for last. If you've ever seen Cumberbatch act in anything, you will know how amazing he is. I want him to play Voldemort. I want to see him in a much more mysterious role than how Ralph Fiennes portrayed the character. Fiennes is absolutely amazing in pretty much everything he does, but I feel like there were a few problems with his character. I don't want any "NNEEYAAHHHHHH"'s. Voldemort is subtle, always sticking to the shadows. He wears a hood, and has glowing red eyes. That's what I want to see out of Cumberbatch. I want dark and mysterious, terrifying and chilling. And I think Cumberbatch could do this perfectly.

So, there you have it, folks. My dream cast of Harry Potter. If somebody started production on a new Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone tomorrow, I would be very happy. Just please, do it right. None of these movies should be PG rated. They need to be scary and dark, while still retaining that whimsically magical feel. They need to be funny, and still terrifying. I want to see staircases that go somewhere different on a Thursday. I want to see a Severus Snape that you hate so much for how he treats Neville. And gosh darnit, I want to see magic. Real magic. I want that feeling again, of watching a Harry Potter movie for the first time and just wanting so badly to be in that world.

Like my list? Hate my choices? Please, I'd love to hear what you guys think of this. Leave a comment and tell me what you think about a rebooted Harry Potter series. Thanks for reading.


  1. Honestly, when I started reading this post I was completely against the idea of any kind of remake of Harry Potter, but seriously...WOW, just WOW!!!

    I love absolutely your choices (only one so/so and that's Alex Kingston...I haven't watched her episodes on Doctor Who yet, so maybe I'll come around :P), and I actually kind of love this idea now. I mean it would be super weird to have a new production start so soon, but I do actually like the point you made about a new generation getting to grow up and experience Harry Potter...although let's face it, all of us Potterheads will still be going too...or I would be at least, especially with this cast!

    I do disagree with a couple of things, but honestly not much, like Alan Rickman...he did amazing as Snape. So freaking fantastic, but I do agree that if a new production was made, it would be interesting to see where someone else would take the role, and slimy would be a big difference from Rickman's Snape.

    I'm also currently watching Doctor Who for the first time (FINALLY, I know :P), and I'm on David Tennant's series (letting them drag on as much as I can because I'm not ready to let go), and I agree...I would watch him in anything!!! I also love the idea of Richard Armitage as Sirius...I've loved his work ever since I watched the BBC series ROBIN HOOD a couple years ago and love him even more after seeing him the Hobbit films...he's fantastic! All of the actors you picked are amazing...seriously each character I scrolled past just hooked me to this idea even more. If they could get all of these actors signed on, and pick unknowns (just like they did for the films we've all seen) for the would be perfect, and I love the idea of making it darker and would make a remake actually worth doing and seeing.

    Thanks for sharing this, Austin! I loved reading it...and you really made me think about the get in contact with Hollywood so they can get started on this! Wouldn't it be great if it worked that way. haha :P

  2. I'll be honest I would really hate to see a news of remake being made so soon, but I would totally go to every midnight release anyway.

    I actually think most of the casting for HP was pretty spot on with my mental images, minus a few like Snape who didn't look as described but I adored anyway. I would like to see a more seething in his role, because when Rickman did show those moments I was like "Yeesss", lol. (He's my favorite character, if you haven't noticed). Oh, John Hurt was Ollivander btw, but I do wish I could have seen more of him in the movies. He's such a fantastic actor. He could be a interesting pick for Dumbledore as well, he can do the perky and the powerful. I always thought the two Dumbledores were amazing, but they seemed to represent the two side of the character separately. My heart hurt when I heard the first actor had passed away, but after reading the last books I don't think I could ever picture that sweet man taking on that darker edge.

    Thanks for sharing! It's a really fun idea, I'm definitely going to try and figure out who I would pick. Also I can't wait until Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out in theaters!

  3. It's like a BBC reunion in this post... and I LOVE it! Like Ambur, I started this post thinking no way, you can't convince me. But your casting is awesome, really thoughtful and spot on.

  4. Wow that's a really great cast I can see them playing those characters. I am sure Harry Potter will be remade one day I just hope whoever decides this will not disappoint even though nothing will ever compare to the original.

  5. Swap Liam Neeson for Chuck Norris based on the description and we have a deal. Honestly though great list

  6. I'll be interested if, in my lifetime (hopefully not in the next ten years though), the Harry Potter movies were remade. As technology gets better, it might be pretty neat. Remember how awkward the Quidditch scenes were in the early movies?

    Some of your choices would be pretty interesting. I can totally understand how you could choose Tilda Swinton as Trelawney. But, I can't unsee the original actors as the characters they played. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint were great choices, and they really grew into the characters. How can that be topped?

    - Jackie

  7. When I first started reading this post, yes, I was a little outraged. But seeing your choices have sort of persuaded me that perhaps it wouldn't be completely blasphemous. Great choices! I'm horrible at casting characters so I admire it when someone does it so well.

  8. If you'd like to see Andy Serkis in another amazing role - check out "Little Dorrit" produced by Andrew Davies, available on Netflix. He's an amazingly creepy French murderer.

    Also, Ian Mcneice is also incredible in "David Copperfield," and the TNT version of "A Christmas Carol" as Mr. Fezziwig!


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