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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Indie Spotlight} THE SEVENTH PLEIADE by Andrew J Peters

Recent Release: The Seventh Pleiade by Andrew J. Peters

Many thanks to Andye and the Reading Teen crew for this opportunity to let your fans know about my new book.

The Seventh Pleiade (pronounced PLAY-dee) is the story of a young gay prince who becomes a hero during the last days of Atlantis.

What makes this book special? Well, I’ve been calling it part of the recent wave of interest in the Atlantis legend. Fantasy author T.A. Barron came out with his book Atlantis Rising late last year. In November, the BBC and BBC America launched their take on the story with their Atlantis mini-series.

The Seventh Pleiade released the same month and offers a different perspective. For one thing, it features a kind of teen hero who you don’t see every day. His name is Aerander. First and foremost, he’s tossed into a mystery and an adventure that has him scrambling to figure out how to save his kingdom. But at the same time, he’s challenged by bad boyfriends, hefty expectations from his father about young men should act, and the overall bewildering world of boy/boy relationships.

Outside of that part of the story, I tried to stay pretty true to the original Atlantis myth. I researched ancient world cultures, especially ancient Greece, to keep the setting in line with Plato’s account of the fabled kingdom. That time period has really interested me ever since I was a kid.

The title comes from mythology. The Pleiades were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione. The Greeks named a star cluster after them, and an interesting phenomenon is that one of the stars seems to disappear during certain seasons and weather conditions. That inspired folklore about a missing sister, which is part of the mystery that Aerander has to solve to save his people.

Hopefully that little background has whet your interest. Here are what some reviewers have to say about the book.

“Varied, vivid landscapes will entice discerning fantasy readers, and beefy vocabulary keeps the narrative hearty. A marriage of equality among fantasy, mythology, action and same-sex romance. (Fantasy. 14 & up)” ~ Kirkus Reviews, Recommended

“What makes this book different is the quality of the prose and the character of Aerander. I found myself not wanting to stop reading and marked this author as one to follow.” ~ Reviews by Amos Lassen

Here’s the back cover blurb, and where you can find it on-line.

Atlantis is besieged by violent storms, tremors, and a barbarian army. For sixteen-year old Aerander, it’s a calamitous backdrop to his Panegyris, where boys are feted for their passage to manhood.

Amid a secret web of romances among the celebrants, Aerander’s cousin Dam goes missing with two boys. With the kingdom in crisis, no one suspects the High Priest Zazamoukh though Aerander uncovers a conspiracy to barter boys for dark spiritual power. Aerander’s proof — an underground vault that disappears in the morning — brings shame on his family and suspicions of lunacy. The only way to regain his honor is to prove what really happened to the missing boys.

Tracking Dam leads Aerander on a terrifying and fantastical journey. He spots a star that hasn’t been seen for centuries. He uncovers a legend about an ancient race of men who hid below the earth. And traveling to an underground world, he learns about matters even more urgent than the missing boys. The world aboveground is changing, and he will have to clear a path for the kingdom’s survival.

Indiebound (to find your nearest independent bookseller):

Thanks again Reading Teen! And I’m happy to stick around and respond to comments and questions about the book.

About the author: Andrew J. Peters likes retold stories with a subversive twist. He is the author of The Seventh Pleiade, about the legend of Atlantis, and the Werecat series. A former Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow, Andrew has written short fiction for many publications. He lives in New York City with his husband and their cat Chloƫ. For more about Andrew, visit

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