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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do You Want to Review My Books? (April ARCs)

**UPDATE: All the books have been claimed.  Thank you all so much!

So I was looking at all the books that I failed to review before their release this month, and it sparked an thought.  I have no idea if anyone would be up for this, but I thought I'd ask . . .

Do you want to review my books?

If there's enough interest, at the end of every month, I'll write a post of all the books that I didn't get a chance to read/review, and you can choose which you'd like to review for us.

I will send you the book, and you have...let's say....a month, to read it and write a review that we can post on Reading Teen.  If you write it, then you get to keep the book, if you don't then you have to send it back (I actually have no way of enforcing this, but I thought it might be motivation for you).

Here are the books up for grabs.  Since this is the first one, I have more than just April in this stack.

I'm adding FAR FROM YOU to this list :D

As far as the review goes, I'm not particular about how you choose to write it.  Just keep it clean :D  And if you want to mention the content (profanity, sexual content, violence, triggers etc.) that would be an awesome bonus, but not required.  Feel free to add links to your blog (good exposure!) or add the review to your goodreads as well!

Sadly, I need to keep this US/Canada only (unless you're up for paying shipping).

Let me know what you think of this idea, and if there's a book you want.  Leave a comment, or email me at Andye @


  1. oooo, I like this idea! Sent you an email. :)

  2. Sounds cool! :D Emailing!

  3. I would be happy to help with this! Will send an email :)

  4. I would love to read some books and write a review! :).

  5. I'd totally review Far From You. Cool idea.

  6. Excellent idea, I'll email you now!

  7. What an awesome idea! Going to email you. :)

  8. This is a great way to share books and give others a chance and exposure! Thanks!

  9. ALL THE BOOKS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED!! Thanks SO much for your interest! This went much faster than I expected! :D

    1. Your industrious Twitter account keeps advertising this post and getting our hopes up. ;) Haha.

      Great idea, Andye!

    2. Ugh! I know!! I wish I could make it stop. Haha. I'm excited to see how this goes :)

  10. Well, THAT WAS QUICK! Crying...better luck next time.

  11. That was nice of you to do that and so brilliant really. Glad they all got swooped up!


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