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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why I'm STILL Reading This Book (or how I'm the slowest reader ever)

by Andye

This morning, I yelled upstairs to my daughter, Reagan, to grab my book off my nightstand and toss it down.

"Which one?" she yelled down.

"SEA OF SHADOWS," I answered.

"You're still reading that?" she condescended.  "You are SUCH a slow reader!!"

Thanks Reagan.

My 13-year-old.

Who read Divergent in 3 hours.

I've been reading this book for...*checks Goodreads*...five days.  And I REALLY like it!!

To be fair, I did have a volleyball tournament that I coached all day Saturday.  And it's not the actual reading that I'm so slow at.  It's a couple of things.

The distractions.

I'm so easily distracted by everything and everyone.  For instance, I'm on page 254 of SEA OF SHADOWS when I think...Man, it's taking me a long time to read this, especially considering how much I like it...and so I stopped to write a blog post about it.  I'm distracted by Twitter, Facebook, Email, friends, children, TV shows (SUPERNATURAL), lunch dates.  I'm even distracted thinking about what book I'm going to read next, or looking at all the books on my TBR shelf.  Seriously, what's wrong with me?


Uhh...anyway....where was I?  Oh...

I get tired when I read.

Am I the only one that this happens to?  I used to read to my kids, but I couldn't stop yawning the entire time I was reading.  Thank God for audiobooks!!  Now, I'll sit down to read in my cozy chair, thinking about how I'm going to get ALL THE READING DONE, and before long, I'm just out.

Maybe I'm just slow.

Ok, I might just be slow too.  I am completely amazed by people who can read five-hundred-thousand books in an hour.  I just....can't.  Not even a little.  I mean, are these people even READING what's on the pages???  How can they?  I think they might be magical.  If I'm having a really, really good reading day, with a really, really good book, that is also fairly short, I might be able to finish it in a day.  But usually I can't get any more than a book or two read in a week.  (Another reason I love audiobooks so much).

How about you?  Are you a magical, super-fast speed reader?  Are you slow like me?  
What distracts you (besides this blog post...haha)?  How do you
combat the distractions?

Just keep reading!


  1. andye !!!! i could relate to this post 100%! i had to comment because i'm in this exact scenario with one of my current reads. and what's even funnier is that earlier (like two hours ago), i was typing up a blog post and i was on goodreads when my eyeballs happened to land (on their own accord ;p) on said book. it said that i started reading it on the 9th. i quickly did the math and noted that it's been six, almost seven, days since. GASP.

    for me, on the average, if a book is totally captivating, it will take me two days, at the very most. when it takes longer than that, i start to question if it's the book that's not keeping my attention OR if it's just my head space that keeps jumping to all these other distractions. in this case, it's the latter. sorta. my attention is all over the place and when i finally do find the time to read and get all comfy, sleep is right on my ass.

    and i totally hear you about people who can read books that are 500+ pages long in a single day, on average. what?! are you human? lol! i've only done that like once that i can recall.

    overall, though, i'm just easily distracted. so much so that i've self-diagnosed myself with add, hahaha, no joke. if someone's talking to me... no, they don't even have to be talking to me. if the tv is on, or if people around me are talking, i'll end up reading the same sentence over and over and over and over and over and over until i just end up jumping into said convo or i just start watching whatever is on the tv. it's so annoying cause it's almost like i have no control over my attention, haha! but what's even weirder is that i can totally read with music on, it's required. yeah... i don't even know.

    to answer your questions, though, i'm definitely a slow reader who goes to war with aaallll the distractions every single day. ;p

    1. I'm usually like that too, if a book is really amazing, I can knock it out a lot quicker. If I'm taking an exceptionally long time, it probably means I don't really like the book that much!

      TO WAR!

  2. Ah YES!!! I love this post so much!
    It's funny because only the other day my sister (who rarely reads) said I'm a reading machine because I've read 40 books this year (which is the most I've ever done in that timeframe). But I've spent a lot of time reading. It still seems to take me so much longer to read a book than most of my bloggy friends. I see people finish a book in a couple of hours that took me at least 6!! I don't know how they do it?! Like you said, are they magical? I actually find that if I am enjoying a book I read slower, as I read every word and just enjoy the story as a leisurely pace. And also if your constantly starting & stopping, I find it takes me a little bit to get back into the story and get into my reading groove again.
    So glad I'm not the only one thinking this! :)

    1. SO TRUE about wanting to slow down and ENJOY a book I really love! I actually get some books on audio, just because it'll take them longer to read it than me, and I can really immerse myself into it!

  3. This seriously had me laughing LOL I can relate to getting distracted for sure. Especially by my TBR, book shelf, GR, and Twitter LOL I do get tired sometimes also. I read normally 4 books a week, definitely not magical, I'm just a night owl. I will put my iPad far away from me, then get comfy and too lazy to move to get it so all I have is my book! But I know some magical ppl like that I'm always all O.o you read how many books today??

    1. Four books a weak seems pretty magical to me. Maybe you're a half-blood....haha!

  4. I'm like the slowest reader ever! If I really love a book and hardly put t down, it still takes me a few days to finish. I think the fastest I ever read a book was the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I did it in two days over a weekend and literally did nothing else. As for distractions, I spend a lot of time on the internet and I'm in college so I have to go to classes and do work and I haven't even started a new book in over a week because I have two papers I keep procrastinating on (but also because I still need to get Dreams of Gods and Monsters and I want that to be the next thing I read). As for combating distractions, if I really can't sit down and read I don't try to make myself do it (unless it's for class). I wait until it's the right time and I'm in the right mindset.

    1. Dreams of Gods and Monsters is AWESOME! But SO BIG! haha It took me almost a week to read it, and I loved it! :D

  5. Like you I'm also a slow reader. I can get easily distracted, mostly by my thoughts on rethinking scenes to have been better. My imagination is sometimes too wild. I really want to be a fast reader but to read about 500 pages in 3 hours?! How can your daughter read so fast? In three hours I could read 150 or almost 200 pages at most. I've loved reading for so long and have only a few years ago really actually gotten into the reading world. Even with a book I love so much I can't put it down, at a more relaxed part I have to. It takes me two days to read that which is many hours. There are too many books in the world and I wish I have some superpower to read faster so I could keep up better with all my series.

    1. I honestly don't know how she could possibly read so fast. I think she's skipping chapters LOL.

  6. This made me laugh out loud: "For instance, I'm on page 254 of SEA OF SHADOWS when I think...Man, it's taking me a long time to read this, especially considering how much I like it...and so I stopped to write a blog post about it."

    Sometimes I'm fast, sometimes I'm slow. Sometimes it is because of the book (in both cases), sometimes it is life, or level of motivation. Regardless, I'm always happy when I have time to read and don't end up asleep knowing I've dropped my Kindle on the floor - again.

  7. They're magical! Magical!!! hahahahahahhahah
    Loved it! I'm miss distracted too!!!! I spend most of my free time browsing and searching for books to add to my wish list when I should be reading! hahahahahahaah Well, can't do it any other way.
    I'm a SUPER SLOW READER and i like it!

    1. Yeah, I don't really mind reading slowly. I just hate when I finally have time to read, and I get distracted....then my time vanishes, so I don't get to read at all :(

  8. I'm a mega slow reader. Audio books are wonderful things. I wouldn't get through as many books as I do, particularly the bigger ones, without them.

  9. I did once read 24 books in 19 days for a course I was taking. I'd start one in the morning, finish it around supper and then start another one before bed. I found out later that most people were reading picture books, or junior ones, not YA books all over 300 pages. Still I did get over 95% on my paper, so it was worth it. Mind you, my kids made me swear I would never, ever, EVER do something like that again.

    So now I just read at my normal slow rate - perhaps 2-3 a week. I find though, that I read faster when I'm really enjoying something- I just don't want to put it down. I get so focused on the book I tune out everything else. Sometimes I actually wish I read more slowly, or less intently. I might get more housework done!

  10. Ohmigosh, I can so relate! I'm glad I'm not alone. I used to average 2-3 books a week (1 being audio) but these days I'm lucky if I reach 2. I'm SO EASILY distracted, and also I'm a night reader (I can't find any other time during the day that I don't feel guilty for not working) and now that I'm working out daily I can't keep my eyes open at night and I wake to find myself in the same position holding my iPhone or iPad (what I read on) that's gone to sleep. Gah! In comparison to other that book blog or in the publishing industry I feel like the world's slowest reader. I know that I'm probably average, but I am NOT a fast reader but I wish I was!

    OH! And Dean is a good distraction. But um, don't get too attached because he is MINE. :)

    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte - Sign up for the 2014 YA Audiobook Challenge!

  11. Haha Deannnnnn <333

    Anyways, *ahem* I read a lot. Give me time, like 5 hours and I'm sure I could've finished Divergent. I finished Catching Fire in a few hours as well. But usually the days don't give me enough time to even do that! I try to read before bed if homework allows... I also try and read 50 pages a day at the very least, but some days don't let me do even that! Every Monday though, I head to the park and read/write for an hour :D It's heavenly. If it rains, I cosy up in the inside of the tunnel that leads to the slide. It's a kiddie park and small, but it's my precious reading or writing time :D

  12. Yep, that's why I listen to audiobooks. They force me to pay attention to every word, and I can split my focus and still follow the, when you bring a great narrator to the story it adds an extra element of magic. On the print book front, it took me a while to get through Divergent - but I read book 2 of Hunger Games in line at the bookstore. The registers were down, and I just couldn't wait, so I tore through it. Saved a few bucks though...


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