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Sunday, May 11, 2014

{Indie Spotlight} CROSSED AND FOUND by Sonny Barber

Crossed and Found

by Sonny Barber

Vampires, hobbits, zombies, space aliens.

You won't find any of these in Crossed and Found.

It's just a modern-day mystery with a historical twist. Thirteen-year-old Kay believes her life is over when she leaves her friends and moves a thousand miles to New Jersey. But the move in the summer and making new friends become lesser problems when Kay finds a mysterious letter hidden for more than two centuries—a letter written days before General George Washington and his army made the famous crossing of the ice-filled Delaware River in the winter of 1776.

            Kay and her new friend, Anna—the daughter of the superintendent of the Park at Washington Crossing—can’t tell their parents about the letter because of the way Kay found the historic document. When Kay searches for information about the letter, she and Anna discover that others want the document and will do almost anything to get it.

            Before the mystery is revealed, Kay jeopardizes her friendship with Anna, confronts a burglar and a dealer in stolen artifacts, becomes involved with the FBI, and faces a test of physical strength that could save her own life.

About Sonny...

I've long been fascinated with the story of General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River in the winter of 1776. In Crossed and Found I wanted to write a story for young kids and teens that would not only show the difficulties of leaving old friends and finding new ones, but also encourage readers to have an interest in American history.

            With a degree in journalism from Georgia State University, I've been a writer, editor, and photographer. My wife and I live in South Florida. We have two daughters, who, along with our daughters’ friends, provided some of the inspiration for the teenaged characters in my first book, Crossed and Found.

            My next book, Gold Hush, features the same protagonist, Kay, and her friend, Anna. It's scheduled to publish in late summer or early fall 2014. Here's a little about the book.

            After the early summer adventure caused by Kay and Anna finding a 240-year-old letter from the American Revolution, the girls and Kay’s parents go to Prospect Harbor, Maine for a relaxing, end-of-season vacation. But when the girls meet 16-year-old Matt Hubbard, they endanger their friendship by competing for the young boy’s attention, make a startling discovery about Matt’s ancestors, and search for long lost treasure—a search that draws the three teens deep into a dangerous, and perhaps deadly, mystery.

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