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Thursday, May 8, 2014

THE GIVER | Three Brand New, Interactive Web Experiences

Plunge into the world of THE GIVER with three fully immersive, interactive online experiences. The Giver Challenge, The Memory Deposit, and The Giver Experience are virtual portals designed to reflect upon the themes present in the film, and allow fans the chance to experience THE GIVER for themselves.

These three sites combine to create a deeply immersive experience for fans and newcomers alike, allowing them to explore the world of THE GIVER and put themselves in the shoes of The Receiver.

The Giver Challenge: Become an official citizen of the community. Create a unique profile, earn points, win spectacular prizes, and give back to a Giver Challenge-approved charity.

The Memory Deposit: This crowd-sourced catalogue of moments and themes pulls in user-submissions from across multiple social media platforms to create a tapestry of the human experience.

The Giver Experience: Become the Receiver of Memories and speak to The Giver himself in a completely interactive interview, starring Jeff Bridges.

The haunting story of THE GIVER centers on Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community. The film is based on Lois Lowry’s beloved young adult novel of the same name, which was the winner the 1994 Newbery Medal and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. THE GIVER will be in theaters everywhere August 15th.


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