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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DARK METROPOLIS by Jaclyn Dolamore

"Review My Books" Review by Emily @ Books & Cleverness

by Jaclyn Dolamore
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Print Length: 304 pages
Publisher: Disney Hyperion (June 17, 2014)
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Sixteen-year-old Thea Holder's mother is cursed with a spell that's driving her mad, and whenever they touch, Thea is chilled by the magic, too. With no one else to contribute, Thea must make a living for both of them in a sinister city, where danger lurks and greed rules. Thea spends her nights waitressing at the decadent Telephone Club attending to the glitzy clientele. But when her best friend, Nan, vanishes, Thea is compelled to find her. She meets Freddy, a young, magnetic patron at the club, and he agrees to help her uncover the city's secrets—even while he hides secrets of his own. Together, they find a whole new side of the city. Unrest is brewing behind closed doors as whispers of a gruesome magic spread. And if they're not careful, the heartless masterminds behind the growing disappearances will be after them, too. Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare, this is a chilling thriller with a touch of magic where the dead don't always seem to stay that way.
Before I start the review I would like to say a big thank you to Andye for sending me this ARC and allowing me to write a guest review on her blog!

From the moment I read the synopsis for Dark Metropolis, I was immediately intrigued by all of the different genres this book seemingly fell into. There’s a little bit of everything in there, making it a book that will be enjoyable for many groups of readers. There’s some fantasy, zombies, mystery, romance and historical aspects that all mesh together into one thrilling story.

Originally I was nervous that the author would try to cram too many different things into one story. But I was very wrong! The story seemed to flow nicely, creating an immersive world that was creepy while remaining magical. The story was fast-paced, told from multiple perspectives, allowing the reader to piece the story together themselves along with the characters.

All of the characters had an air of mystery surrounding them. You don’t really get to experience the character’s personalities except for when they are being described or talking to other characters in the book.

There are two different instances of romance, but it is by no means a major part of the book. Being that this series is set to be a duology, I feel like the romance will become a larger part in the second book. Dark Metropolis seemed to be setting the stage for both blossoming romances, giving them time to developed. I love that the author didn’t feel the need to rush them, or make the romance a large part of the story, as there is already so much going on.

All in all, Dark Metropolis is an exciting read that will satisfy fans of all genres. If you're in the mood for a little bit of everything, definitely pick this book up!
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  1. I really enjoyed this one too. The concept behind it all was amazing. Great review!

  2. Interesting. It sounds like a lot is going on, so I'm glad to hear that it didn't feel like too much. This sounds like it might have a Sin City feel to it...

  3. I enjoyed this one as well. It was not what I expected, but in a good way!

  4. I can't wait to read it, it sounds amazing and I'm glad you liked it :)


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