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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Things I Can't Wait to See in THE GIVER Movie {+ A Book Recap}

I'm super excited for The Giver movie coming out August 15th. These are my top five things I really want to see come to life on the big screen;
    1.  The way the Giver transfers the memories to Jonas. It was cool to read and I bet it'll be awesome to see put on the big screen.

    2.  Jonas' first flashes of color. It was hard to picture in the book and now I can put pictures to words.

    3.  The relationship between Jonas and Fiona. It wasn't a big part of the book but from the trailer it looks like it may play a more prominent role.
    4.  Taylor Swift. She's one of my favorite singers and I'm excited to see her acting skills.
    5.  The ending. Will they keep it the same? Will they make it a little more conclusive? How will they tackle it?

      What are you most excited to see?


      Has it been a long time since you've read the book?  Here's a recap to help refresh your memory! {SPOILERS ABOUND}

      Jonas lives in the perfect place called, the Community. Or so he's told. The people in the Community do and get certain things at certain ages, no more, no less. If they prove not be up to the standers of the Community they are "Released" from it to a different Communtity. The Community has taken away every choice, every color. They are assigned a "Partner" and children, one male, and one female.

      Jonas has his perfect family of four, just like every family in the Community. But Jonas is reaching age twelve, and when he turns twelve he will attend the Ceremony of Twelves, with all the other kids turning twelve. At the Ceremony everyone is given Assignments that are already determined. Jonas hopes that he will receive a good Assignment but his name is skipped during the Ceremony. At the end of the Ceremony they come back to him. They announce he will be the next Receiver of Memory. That position is highly respected in the Community. He receives his instructions for his new Assignment, and for the first time in his life, he is aloud to lie, and to skip the everyday required pills that seem to suppress more that just bad intentions.

       Jonas now starts up his Assignment in the Receiver of Memory's home, who insists Jonas calls him Giver. Jonas soon learns things about the world through visions that Giver somehow gives him. He learns about colors, seasons, and what it was like before the Community. He also learns that the emotions that his family shares around the dinner table are fake. The worst thing he learns about the Community is that instead of Releasing people, they kill them. He is horrified to find that his own father kills babies who are not up to the standers of the Community.

      His father, who works as a Nurturer, someone who takes care of babies until they get assigned to their families, brings a baby home one night. The baby is too fussy and under weight for the Community's liking, so unless he stops crying so much he will be released. The family gets an illegal attachment to baby Gabe. To help the baby along, Jonas transfers some happy memories into him the same way Giver did to him.

      His training is almost over and Giver insists that Jonas leaves the community with all the memories of all the past Receiver of Memories. Jonas does and he takes Gabe, who had been slated for Release. They escape together out in the wilderness.


      1. I don't know if I want to see it or not. According to everything I have read they have made way too many changes for my liking.

        1. Yeah, I always say that about books-to-movies (that I don't think I'll see it), but then I always give in because my curiosity can't take it. Who knows, maybe the changes will be good! I'm trying to keep an open mind :P I guess we'll see!

      2. Oh fun! I like that recap! It's been yeeeeaaars since I read this book. I imagine that unless it's horrible, I'll enjoy it because I have zero expectations. Looks like a fun time.

      3. It's been so long since I read this that I think I'll like it more than if I remembered every detail. Yet I loved this book so much that if this movie isn't good, I'll be devastated. D:

      4. I don't get the same feeling from the trailers that I did reading the book, so I'm worried it will be off somehow. Maybe this will be more of a rental than a movie theater viewing for me.


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