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Friday, November 14, 2014

A Letter to FAMOUS IN LOVE by Rebecca Serle

by Becca

by Rebecca Serle
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: 7 and up
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Poppy (October 21, 2014)
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When Paige Townsen gets plucked from high school obscurity to star in the movie adaptation of a blockbuster book series, her life changes practically overnight. Within a month, Paige has traded the quiet streets of her hometown for a bustling film set on the shores of Maui, and she is spending quality time with her costar Rainer Devon, one of People's Sexiest Men Alive. But when troubled star Jordan Wilder lands the role of the other point in the movie's famous love triangle, Paige's crazy new life begins to resemble her character's.

In this exciting tale of romance and drama, both on-and offscreen, Paige must adjust to a crazy new life without the daily support of her friends and family, while figuring out who she is--and who she wants--as the whole world watches.  
Dear Famous in Love, 

I honestly don't even know how to begin discussing you. You had all the components for a contemporary that ultimately would have made me love you -- especially the part about a girl portraying the MC of a book-to-movie adaptation and stuck between the love triangle of the two actors by her side. The book part! It demanded my love, but sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

You follow the story of Paige Townsen, a young girl who is dying to be an actress and gets her big break to play the main character in the movie adaptation of a major book. Of course, the book that the movie is going off of has a love triangle, and the two actors playing those characters (Rainer and Jordan) just so happen to woo Paige into a love triangle herself. What ensues is a crazy tale.

But it just wasn't that crazy to me. Honestly, it seemed almost boring to me. I was dying for you to release, Famous in Love. Literally I would've given my first born to read you asap, because I was so amped up, but every time I picked you up to read, I would read more and more of your words, but it just felt like nothing was happening at all with the storyline. The boys didn't make me swoon. I wanted major book swoons. There were none for me. Paige tended to even border on annoying me. Some of her decisions and actions were just so frustrating. 

It saddened me so much. I don't know where you went wrong. Like I said all the components were there, but they just fell flat. Of course, I'm sure this won't be the case for most readers. I'm sure a lot will love you, but the romance in your story line just didn't cut it for me. I have to want characters to want each other like crazy for there to be shipping. I HAVE NO SHIPS FOR YOU, and it makes me so sad. How can I not ship at least one of the teams in a book with a love triangle? I didn't even know that was possible. 

If someone loves a quick read, that is mostly just things not happening, then I would recommend you full-heartedly, but unfortunately, if someone is out there looking for a book to make them shiver with chills in anticipation of their bookish couple finally about to kiss, then I'd tell them to pass on you. But then again, it may just be me this time. I'll have to wait and see what others say about the next book in your series before I fully commit to not reading it, but at this point in time, it's not looking very likely. 

Not so famous in love, 


  1. Aah, it's so depressing when a book full of potential then just falls flat :/ I haven't read any of Rebecca Serle's books but a few are on my TBR list. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one!

  2. Aww...that makes me sad! This looked really cute. Sorry you didn't love it. I haven't read her yet but Kit really liked her other book.

  3. I know! I wanted to love it so so much, but it just didn't click. I think it's just one of those books that you really love or really don't. Unfortunately it was the latter for me. :/

  4. Blah! I know! You know how excited I was for this book!!! It just fell flat, ya know? Maybe I built it up too much in my head, and it just didn't live up to it. I really don't know where it went wrong, other than the plot kinda being wonky. :/ I'm still upset that I didn't like it. But oh wells. It happens.


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