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Friday, November 7, 2014

BIG HERO 6 {Movie Review}

When a criminal plot threatens the hi-tech metropolis of San Fransokyo, brilliant young robotics whiz Hiro Hamada (voice of Ryan Potter) leaps into action with his tech-savvy friends, and his robot companion Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit) in Disney Animation's adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics series. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Today the kids (12 & 13) and I went to see Big Hero 6. We were all pretty excited about it because we've loved pretty much every Disney/Pixar movie, and if you add Marvel to that, how can you go wrong?

The answer is . . . you can't.

I don't think the kids and I have laughed so much in the theater together, ever. I mean, there are times when they've cracked up at silly kid movies with their cheesy potty humor, but a movie where we're all giggling like idiots? Yeah, I can't think of anything.

Of course it can't be a Disney movie without a terribly emotional death or two. Oh Disney, you know we can still be motivated without you killing off family members! But, I have to admit, they handled the topic of grief really well, and Baymax was absolutely perfect!

Hiro Hamada was an awesome main character. I loved how he made nerdy look cool. I mean, a big theme of this movie is that being a nerd (read: smart) is basically awesome. Also, the girl power is pretty refreshing. I've seen people say that they should've gone a step further making Hiro a girl, but I don't really understand why having a smart guy means that somehow girls are diminished. Personally I liked the messages it gave to both my kids.

Another thing I loved was the mashup of Japanese and American cultures. The city they live in is called San Fransokyo, and there was a really amazing mix of the cities represented, including the Golden Gate Bridge with traditional Japanese accents.

I do wish that there was a bigger representation of Japanese people in the movie. I mean Hiro is supposed to be hapa, Japanese and Caucasian, and I'm guessing Go Go is as well, but there weren't any (that I noticed) Japanese people, as main characters or as "extras" (are they called extras if they're animated?) With the amount of Japanese influence, I just thought that was a little lacking. But, overall I thought the diversity represented was at least a step in the right direction.

Bottom line: This may be one of the best animated movies I've seen, if only for the fact that I totally and completely loved laughing so hard with my kids!

What did the (pre)teens have to say?

Rea: It was really funny & cute! And it had a good message.
B: I loved how hilarious it was. I just want to see the funny scenes again.

This is definitely one we'll be seeing again! I think you should too, even if you don't have kids!!

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And if you're into the whole Pixar timeline of movies theory, I think this movie fits in VERY well!

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  1. Seeing it with the kids tomorrow. Can't wait!

  2. Hope you love it! Let me know what you think!!

  3. We just saw big previews for this before the Alexander & the Terrible Day movie we went to for Mallory's movie night pick (which was also unexpectedly hilarious. Z & I were not expecting as much liking on our parts as we did, but it was excellent and very family ok.) We really want to see this one as a family too, so it's good to hear it was well received by your crew!

  4. Oh I've been wanting to see that one too. For some reason my kids don't really seem interested in it, but I love Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner!! I hope you end up liking BIG as much as I did!

  5. Hating you just a tiny, tiny bit, lol. <3 I WANT TO SEE THIS. More than anything. But not in my town until end up January :( SOBS. I wants it. I am so so glad that you loved it :D I will too. I just need to see it. Hmph. It sounds heartbreaking and fun and I think it will be all kinds of awesome. Thank you for reviewing it. <3

  6. Oh my gosh - I loved it! So, so funny. And touching. We went in a group. Lots of laughter all around.

  7. Yay!!! I'm so so happy you loved it too!!!

  8. Aww that stinks!! It's definitely worth the wait though. I'm sure you'll love it. :)


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