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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mockingjay Part Boring . . . I mean Part 1

You should probably know going into this that I hated the book.

Like, seriously. Hated. But, regardless, I had high hopes for the movie. Well, maybe not high hopes. More like midlevel hopes.

I had some hopes, okay?

As far as the acting goes, I don't have much to say. They were all fine. Jen Lawrence did a good job crying. And crying. And crying.  Josh did a good job of looking ugly. Liam did an amazing job of being beautiful to behold.

The movie itself? It was just. So. Boring.

I did hate the book, but I don't remember being this bored by it. I swear, nothing happened. I almost fell asleep. Not surprising when they took an already small book and split it into two. Why? WHY?? Oh yeah, because we're suckers and we'll pay for it.

I intentionally didn't reread the book before going to see this. One, because I hated it (did I mention that?) and two because I always find it more easy to cope with book movies if I don't remember all the details. That way I don't get mad when they screw things up. But there was a lot in this movie that I just don't remember happening at all. They definitely tried to make Gale a little more unlikable (didn't work), and up-play the relationship between Katniss and Peeta (not feelin' it).

The story just didn't stir any emotion in me at all. It felt so forced. Effie was dull. Coin was bland. Heavensbee was kind of corny. Gale hardly had any lines. Snow was barley in it. Finnick, was he even in this movie? sarcasm. Really, it just should never have been split into two parts. Especially when all the action happens in the second half.

Summary in pics:

Katniss cries. A lot.

Peeta turns into a zombie

Gale looks hot

Katniss shoots down a plane with an arrow

Yep. That's about it! I know if you're taking the time to actually read this post, you'll probably go see it anyway, and who knows, maybe you'll love it. But I'd say save your cash and wait for it at Redbox.

Enjoy the show! (or the nap)


  1. Egads you are killing me... *sobs* *throws my shoe* *shrugs* - you're right, I'll see it anyway.

  2. bahaha! At least if you have low expectations you'll be more likely to enjoy it! Right? Just bring coffee. To help keep you awake. :P

  3. Okay, I agree with your main premise--it should have never been two movies. Period. No question.

    It wasn't thrilling, I'll give you that. But the scene in the capital, that was good, and running into the Bunker after the emotional breakdown in control room, that was good. The end, with Peeta, that was good.

    So. There.

    I totally felt emotions (all of them. Wait. No. Maybe some of them were for more popcorn) at the hospital. I teared up with katniss during that scene. Emotions!!!

    And Gale had WAY more lines than I rememberes, and so dreamy he was. But they really could have added more EVERYONE beyond crying Katniss. And I thought the shooting down airplane scene was kinda boring compared to book. And the stupid videoing contrived crying Katniss.

    Ugh. She did good, but like you said, we were just following a heartbroken girl. She was heartbroken rightfully so, but i don't want to watch it her whole time. Unless I can jump in the movie with her and actually be her friend helping her through the heartbreak. But I couldn't. So that's dumb.

    Not a bad movie. But it really should be waited to be watched exactly one year from now at the same time we watch part 2. Oh wait, what's that? Oh yes--That is like if THEY DIDNT SPLIT THE FREAKIN' BOOK UP!

    (BTW, I liked mockingjay the book.)

  4. Agree. HATED this book. It could have been so good. I'm NOT spending any more time or money on this series. Buying the books was generous, IMO. When it finally makes its way to TV, NetFlix, MovieChannel, I may, (MAY), give it a shot, but, eh... Not unless there's nothing better to watch at that moment. Not even curious.

  5. I didn't like parts of this book (which I can discuss here without spoiling it for everyone!), but I love the series overall and I think the previous movies were great. I agree that there is no reason to make two movies out of Mockingjay since it's not that long. I guess the next movie will be action packed, huh?

  6. Hahahaha! I totally agree with you about the worst book thing. I do remember it being incredibly boring until the end basically where everything just explodes. I just remember Katniss crying a lot. Like.. in closets and in pipes and... corners. Everywhere, just moping about.
    Definitely agree about how they shouldn't have cut the book in two. At least add more Finnick or other characters that we didn't get to see in the books or SOMETHING :/

  7. I stopped reading the series after book 1. Katniss bugged me. Loved the story not the mc. I did like the movies so far. We'll see. Im much more excited about The Hobbit!

  8. Love your site and quote at the top with your byline

  9. I always love your reflections! (MISS YOU!!!)

  10. While I've always felt sorry for those who are satisfied with merely watching a movie rather than reading the book, I'll probably watch it at some point. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and donated several sets to my daughter's classroom as her kids were gaga over it (and still are). As with HP, if it will get kids reading and discussing it, I'll buy it for them and support authors that get kids reading.

  11. This was my absolute favorite book in the trilogy, so of course I loved the movie. :P

  12. I honestly am torn whether or not to see the movie. I didn't like the book that much, so the story would be very bad. BUT Natalie Dormer is in it, and I can laugh about how she is playing a not royal role, and I love Natalie Dormer. So I cant really decide. I'm leaving towards no, but if someone else offers to pay for the movie, I would be fine seeing it.

  13. Yeah, she did a pretty good job, though she didn't have a huge number of lines. I liked her a lot. And yes, if someone else is paying, it's definitely worth it. Even just for the popcorn. :P

  14. Almost everyone I know didn't like the last book, so when I heard some people did, I was really shocked. And I've talked to a few people who really liked the movie also. I think mostly if you like the book, you'll like the movie.

  15. That's fantastic! I bet your daughter's friends love you!!

  16. Aww, thanks Yara!! I miss you too!!!

  17. THE HOBBIT!!!! Yeah, me too! haha

  18. Yes! More Finnick!!! It always surprises me when people say they loved Mockingjay. It's funny how books can resonate with some while totally turning off others.

  19. Yeah, I liked The Hunger Games movie and thought Catching Fire was one of the best adaptations from a book ever. I guess this movie was probably pretty close to the book, but since I thought the beginning of the book was boring, it's not surprising that I thought this was boring too.

  20. Good for you. Even when I know I'm probably going to hate the movie (New Moon), for some reason I still have to go see it. Haha. Just in case. :P

  21. yes I didn't really like the book… so i think i might see it once it hits red box. I got a free movie ticket from McDaniel College as an late night event… and I choose to watch Big Hero 6 instead Mockingjay yesterday evening (based upon your reviews) Now I want to see Big Hero 6 a second time because it was so good!


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