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Friday, December 5, 2014

BREAKING THE RULES by Katie McGarry {Excerpt Tour & Review}

Welcome to day 3 of the BREAKING THE RULES Excerpt Tour!


If you were a fan of Katie McGarry's first book, PUSHING THE LIMITS you're going to be super stoked right now. Two of our favorite characters, Noah and Echo, have their story continued in this super steamy YA/NA crossover.

What I loved about this book was that it would've been really easy for Katie to make this just about Noah and Echo's "happily ever after." But I think anyone who read PtL would agree, that couple had a lot more to work out if their relationship was going to work. In BREAKING THE RULES they actually get their chance to do just that. While Echo is still dealing with the way her past has made her insecure, Noah is facing the decision of whether or not to open his life up to further rejection by meeting the extended family he didn't know he had. Add to that the issues that Noah and Echo have to work out together, and you have a recipe for a nuclear explosive.

Just like in PtL, I had mixed feelings about Noah. I love to love the bad boy, and when that bad boy makes himself vulnerable, I melt. Completely. But I did have issues with his controlling nature at times. In real life that really isn't something that can be fixed with the right romance. BUT this is fiction, so I let go of that tension and just let myself enjoy the romantic tension instead. And boy was the romance a steamy one. Noah and Echo have definitely GROWN UP. I'm not sure if this would be categorized as New Adult, but it would definitely fit the bill (college age, more sexual content etc). For those looking for more in that area, you will not be disappointed.

Overall, I'm really glad that this book was written. Even though I was happy that Noah and Echo were together at the end of PtL, I didn't feel like their story was resolved, and the added mystery of Noah's family in this book made it an even more compelling read.

If you were a fan of PUSHING THE LIMITS, you do not want to miss this book. (P.S. you don't need to read anything other than PtL to enjoy this book.)

The Tour:

Every day of the tour a new (continuous) excerpt will be revealed. If you missed day two, be sure to check it out over at The Irish Banana Review because my excerpt picks up where Hannah's left off. (Find day one's excerpt here)


“A deal’s a deal,” I remind her.
“I changed my mind. I’d rather sleep.” With her eyes still shut, she hunts for the cover, but I kick it off. She presses her lips together. “I’m serious. You’re the meanest person I know.”
I kiss her neck then blow on the skin, pleased with the smile she’s fighting.
“Does that feel mean?” I ask.
“Horribly.” She giggles. “It’s torture.”
Echo rolls onto her back, tossing her arms over her head, and flutters her emerald eyes open. Her red hair sprawls over the array of pillows, clothes and blankets. My heart warms when I spot the spark in her eye.
I love her. More than I thought I was capable of, and I would sacrifice my life for her happiness.
She sucks in a breath when I caress her face. It’s a slow movement, one that memorizes her skin. We’ve been traveling since graduation in June, visiting art galleries, exploring the country and each other. But there are some places that we haven’t been, and while I’m fine with waiting until Echo’s ready, there’s that span of time when she looks at me and I kiss her lips where I wonder: Will this be our first time?
Echo’s phone rings. She blinks repeatedly then bolts upright. “Crap.”
It’s a miracle her cell has power. She’s had a bad habit this summer of not plugging it in.
Echo tosses my shirt at me before grabbing her cell. “I forgot to call Dad last night, and he’s going to be ticked.” She drops her voice so she can mimic his pissed-off tone. “‘I thought you were going to be responsible, Echo. You said you’d call every other day by seven.’” She returns to her normal voice. “Just crap. Will you please put your shirt on?”
“Your dad can’t see I’m shirtless.” Because she’ll go red-faced and stutter if I’m not fully clothed while they talk, I slip the shirt on and unzip the tent. “Don’t forget to tell him I’ve been respectful.”
I glance over my shoulder to see her answering smile freeze. The cell continues to ring, and Echo holds it in her hand, staring at the screen. Her face is void of color, and her body begins to tremble.
I edge closer and run my hand through her hair. “Echo.”
The cell stops ringing, and Echo turns her head in a movement so slow that it’s painful to watch. The eyes that were full of life moments before are now wide and terrified. “It was my mom.”

Alexander, my baby brother, cries in the background.
“Is he all right?” I ask.
“Yes,” my father says on the other end of the line. “Just hungry. Can you hold on? Ashley needs his blanket.”
“Sure.” I listen as Dad thumps up the stairs of our house.
Alamosa is a small town in southern Colorado and the closest thing to civilization near the Great Sand Dunes. With that said, it was still a tortuous, caffeine-free, thirty-minute ride to coffee. Noah, being, well…awesome, waits in the winding line for my latte while I sit at the sidewalk table and chairs.
He glances over his shoulder at me again. His shaggy hair covers his eyes so I have a hard time deciphering his emotions. Noah was quiet, unusually pensive, during the drive in, and that bothers me.
Two girls in line admire Noah, and I don’t blame them. He’s undeniably hot: tall, dark brown hair, chocolate-brown eyes and cut in all the right places. The jeans and black T-shirt he wears definitely amplify that. Plus, he has swagger.
As one of the girls drops her purse, he’s got a little more swagger than I’d like as he helps her collect her items.
“I’m back,” says Dad.
It’s like watching a horror film in slow motion. She tucks her hair behind her ears, gives him a hesitant smile and speaks. The girl is pretty—very pretty. I run my hand over the scars on my left arm. Sometimes I don’t understand why Noah’s with me. Especially when I’m so…
“You’re quiet today,” Dad says. “Are you okay?”
Noah answers the girl then motions at me with his chin. Both girls turn, and their faces fall. Noah waves. I wave back. Butterflies tumble in my stomach when he flashes his wicked grin.

A summer road trip changes everything in this unforgettable new tale from acclaimed author Katie McGarry.

For new high school graduate Echo Emerson, a summer road trip out west with her boyfriend means getting away and forgetting what makes her so . . . different. It means seeing cool sights while selling her art at galleries along the way. And most of all, it means almost three months alone with Noah Hutchins, the hot, smart, soul-battered guy who's never judged her. Echo and Noah share everything--except the one thing Echo's just not ready for.

But when the source of Echo's constant nightmares comes back into her life, she has to make some tough decisions about what she really wants--even as foster kid Noah's search for his last remaining relatives forces them both to confront some serious truths about life, love, and themselves.

Now, with one week left before college orientation, jobs and real life, Echo must decide if Noah's more than the bad-boy fling everyone warned her he'd be. And the last leg of an amazing road trip will turn . . . seriously epic.

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Katie McGarry was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

Katie is the author of full length YA novels, PUSHING THE LIMITS, DARE YOU TO, CRASH INTO YOU, TAKE ME ON, BREAKING THE RULES, and NOWHERE BUT HERE and the e-novellas, CROSSING THE LINE and RED AT NIGHT. Her debut YA novel, PUSHING THE LIMITS was a 2012 Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction, a RT Magazine's 2012 Reviewer's Choice Awards Nominee for Young Adult Contemporary Novel, a double Rita Finalist, and a 2013 YALSA Top Ten Teen Pick. DARE YOU TO was also a Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction and won RT Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award for Young Adult Contemporary fiction in 2013.

Find Katie via: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Tumblr | Instagram | Pinterest


  1. I must admit, I wasn't a HUGE fan of Pushing the Limits and I haven't read any of the companion novels, but everyone has been giving the books such good reviews that I think I will eventually pick them up! Great review! :)

  2. Eeeep okay that was amazing! I need to get myself a copy of this because I absolutely love Echo and Noahh--they're my favourite Katie McGarry novel ship, and that excerpt was fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing <33

  3. Amber (@ YA Indulgences)December 5, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    Ha, I love 1, 3, and 5. The others are great as well. Especially the needing a second copy of a book, I was almost like that with Mockingjay.

  4. Haha, you could've had my copy! ;P

  5. Shelfie's are the best! ;-) And yesss to everything on this list. Book boyfriends have ruined me. They're just too swoonworthy. XD And matching series = must. I'm really frustrated because my City of Bones first 3 books are short and then the next 3 are all tall AND THEY LOOK SO WEIRD ON THE SHELF. One day, when I'm rich and famous, I'll fix that. heh.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  6. Number 7, oh man, NUMBER SEVEN... *glares at my bookshelf of unmatching books*

    But seriously, all of these. I feel no guilt nor any shame. Booknerd and proud of it... *goes to closest bookstore*


  7. I cannot wait... loving the reveals but need the whole book now!

  8. Yes! Yes, definitely! Oh, and here's another one - It makes perfect sense to stay up until 3 AM to finish that book you're reading. No matter what time you have to be up the next day and how important that thing is that you have to do. Perfect sense. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. Oh, OF COURSE!! There's really no choice in the matter :D

  10. Heehee, I know! I'm not even sorry!

  11. Ewww! I was just thinking, "At least all my TMI and TID books match." Poor thing, I seriously feel for you! And yes, book boyfriends really make it hard for real boys to measure up :P

  12. Particularly love numbers 1 and 10! Mainly number 1 – SO many people don't understand!

  13. This made me giggle! I totally do #10 the most since I'm a school librarian by day w/2 school libraries and am constantly doing booktalks, etc. so when they actually read the book(s) I recommend I have a tendency to stalk the ma bit about what they think of the book(s). Also, I completely agree with #7! It makes me NUTS!!

  14. It bodes well to remain up until the point that 3 AM to complete that book you're perusing. Regardless of what time you must be up the following day and how essential that thing is that you need to do. Culminate sense.

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