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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Music to read to: Dallas Green: City And Colour

At a Glance:
I started listening to City and Colour when I was about 12-years-old. I remember listening to his new album (at the time 2012) and loved it. I was really into music during this time, I was listening to all new music but it was all rock/metal music. The mix is really good, he has one of the best voices I've ever heard, and great music for just chilling with friends or reading a great book with a fire and chocolate chip cookies. To this day, he is my favorite alternative/Indie artist.

Folk, Alternative rock, Blues rock, Indie.

Favorite albums by this artist:
All of these albums are on Spotify (If you don't have a Spotify and you listen to music, you should really get one, it will change your life) also on iTunes, youtube,, ect. 

What books have I read listening to them?
The Dark Divine series by Bree Despain
Altered by Jennifer Rush
The Tigers Curse saga by Colleen Houck
Or really just any contemporary and romance books. 

You + Me rose ave. album (Dallas Green and P!nk):
Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Alecia Moore (Pink) wrote an album together rose ave. They met each other though a mutual friend and one day they got together to just play guitar and sing together and hang out. They ended up writing a song and then a whole album in the matter of just a week. When I found out they did an album together (Thanks to the Spotify ads) I got so excited! When it came out I was listening to it non-stop, I loved it.

Speaking of music...
Anyone remember Andy, Amy's son? ReadingTween? Drummer?? Anyways, he just came out with a new album called Cycles! Just give it a listen, you might like it. His artist name is Midia, he makes glitch-hop and metal and its all instrumental! His music will be best if you're reading an action book, maybe some zombies or spaceships.

Like his Facebook page!
Midia on SoundCloud
Or listen on Spotify!

Check out RealeCooking!

Please comment on what music you read to! I'll give a listen and do a review! 

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