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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Letter to THE THIRD TWIN by CJ Omololu

by Becca

by CJ Omololu
Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: 7 and up
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Delacorte Press (February 24, 2015)
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Identical twins. Identical DNA. Identical suspects. It’s Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge-of-your-seat thriller with a shocking twist.

When they were little, Lexi and her identical twin, Ava, made up a third sister, Alicia. If something broke? Alicia did it. Cookies got eaten? Alicia’s guilty. Alicia was always to blame for everything.

The game is all grown up now that the girls are seniors. They use Alicia as their cover to go out with boys who are hot but not exactly dating material. Boys they’d never, ever be with in real life.

Now one of the guys Alicia went out with has turned up dead, and Lexi wants to stop the game for good. As coincidences start piling up, Ava insists that if they follow the rules for being Alicia, everything will be fine. But when another boy is killed, the DNA evidence and surveillance photos point to only one suspect—Alicia. The girl who doesn’t exist.

As she runs from the cops, Lexi has to find the truth before another boy is murdered. Because either Ava is a killer . . . or Alicia is real.
Dear The Third Twin, 

I've been itching for a good, edge-of-your-seat thriller, and you were just the prescription the doctor ordered! I cannot believe how much I loved you. I mean, things can easily go very wrong or in your case, very very right when it comes to thrillers/mysteries. I was completely blown away by everything about you.

You follow the story of Lexi, who just so happens to be a twin. When Lexi and her twin, Ava, were younger, they had a game where they would do bad things and blame them on their imaginary third twin, Alicia. Now that Lexi and Ava are older, they sometimes still pretend to be Alicia. Alicia is the girl they dress up as when they want to escape their lives and date a guy who they wouldn't normally date in real life. But all of a sudden, the guys that Alicia dates start showing up murdered. Lexi wants to quit Alicia for good, but as time passes, more and more evidence points to Alicia- the person who doesn't exist- committing these crimes. Lexi knows she didn't do it, but what about Ava? Can she trust the person that she's been super close with all of her life and take her word? Or is someone entirely? Maybe Alicia is, in fact, real. 

Lexi is your typical book nerd. She does all the right things...doesn't dress up/wear make-up...studies hard. Ava, her twin, is the exact opposite. In reality, there isn't much difference between Ava and the pretend twin, Alicia, except for the fact that Alicia always dates down. Lexi only pretends to be Alicia as a favor to Ava, but then continues to do it every once and awhile to just take risks and forget about her real life that's spiraling out of control. I instantly connected to Lexi. She reminded me of myself at that age. Even if I would never have the lady balls to pretend to be someone else, I could still understand why she did it. It sounds freeing. Ava, on the other hand, drove me insane. She went overboard and didn't think things through, and just made me constantly smdh. Lexi's dates Eli, a rocker guy, as Alicia, and I admit, I started to fall for him. But in the back of my mind, I hoped with all of my hopes that she would end up with her childhood best friend. I had a best friend as a kid like Zane, and I wish something like that could've developed between the two of us. Maybe I was blind to it, much like your main character, The Third Twin. Who knows? *shrugs shoulders*

I kept thinking I knew what was going on. I had inklings that I knew who done it. But then your author, CJ, would guide my mind into another direction with subtle hints, and I would start thinking about someone else. In the end, I didn't guess it until right before it happened, which is the part I absolutely ADORE about you, The Third Twin. Readers shouldn't be able to guess the who-done-it's at all, and you succeeded at that with this reader 100%!!!!

I would definitely encourage ANY reader to pick you up. I know they will instantly be as addicted to you as I was. With fierce characters overcoming trust issues, crazy killers who are just cray cray cray, and un-put-down-able chapters, I think picking a copy of you up is a no brainer, The Third Twin. Four Stars to you!!!!!!

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