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Saturday, June 20, 2015

{Indie Spotlight} NOTHING BUT YOUR MEMORIES by H. B. Clementine

Nothing But Your Memories, Book 1 of the Alternation Generation series.

“I knew it. As I lie on a white bed in a white room with white light filtering in through the shade on the window, I know it has finally happened. The Shift is complete."

In Nothing But Your Memories, future overpopulation forces the emergence of The Alternation of Generation society in which bodies and time are shared. This cutting-edge lifestyle was ingenious, but it shielded wicked secrets from its citizens, now forced to trade continuous life for an eternity of scattered years. A young woman named Mira finds herself trapped in the endless cycle with a desperate wish to be free. But with her fight to escape, Mira only grabs the attention of far more powerful and ruthless foes.

Read an excerpt of the book on Wattpad .

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