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Friday, July 31, 2015

An Underwhelmed/Meh Letter To Public Enemies by Ann Aguirre...

From Becca

Immortal Game #2
by Ann Aguirre
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (August 4th, 2015)
Language: English
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In Book 2 of the Immortal Game trilogy, Edie must learn the rules of the game . . . and then play better than anyone else.

Through a Faustian bargain, Edie Kramer has been pulled into the dangerous world of the Immortal Game, where belief makes your nightmares real. Hungry for sport, fears-made-flesh are always raising the stakes. To them, human lives are less than nothing, just pieces on a board.

Because of her boyfriend Kian's sacrifice, she's operating under the mysterious Harbinger's aegis, but his patronage could prove as fatal as the opposition. Raw from deepest loss, she's terrified over the deal Kian made for her. Though her very public enemies keep sending foot soldiers--mercenary monsters committed to her destruction--she's not the one playing under a doom clock. Kian has six months...unless Edie can save him. And this is a game she can't bear to lose.

Dear Public Enemies, 

I feel like all of my review letters to books lately have been rather disappointing, but I've read so many EPIC AMAZING FANTASTIC books this year that it's hard to love them all, if anyone knows what I mean. A year ago? Sure, I probably would've loved you, because I was one of the people advocating your predecessor, Mortal Danger. I thought that book was something I'd never seen before, and I truly couldn't get enough of it. Unfortunately that didn't rub off on you, poor Public Enemies. Oh, no, it did not. 

You're the next installment in the Immortal Game trilogy, where Edie Kramer is playing (you guessed it) the Immortal Game, where lots of cray cray supernatural/nightmare/god-like creatures are basically out to get her. I don't really want to talk anymore about your synopsis, because I don't want to spoil book 1 for anyone if they haven't read it. 

Anywho, in my review for Mortal Danger, I praised your main character, Edie, because I really enjoyed her geeky character, but I was mostly just meh about the whole thing this time. She was making lots of rash decisions, which in turn made her annoying, to say the least. I was SMH at all of the dumb decisions she was constantly making. Then, her boyfriend, Kian, does the same things! They don't think things through. I guess this may be my 'adult-ness' peeking through. You were a book chock full of rash decision making and the consequences of said dumb decisions. I remember being really fascinated with all of the creatures your author created for MD, but with you, she just seemed to use the main ones again. I wasn't blown away on the creepiness factor scale, and that was one of the parts that I loved most about this series. 

I'll admit there's been about a year between reading this book and MD, so it could be the time that has changed me and my reading tastes. As of writing this letter to you, Public Enemies, I'm starting to question whether I would still really enjoy MD as much as I did the first time, if I were to read it right now. The characters didn't seem like the ones I grew to care so much about in Mortal Danger. I simply wasn't moved enough by what they were doing to care about what happened to them, and that made continuing to read you even more sad, because I WANTED TO CARE DARN IT! 

Would I recommend people read you? Sure, because as I said I'm not sure if this is a case of "it's not you, it's me" or a time thing or just because you suffer from middle book syndrome. I really don't know, but I think readers should make their own decision on whether or not to read you. As for me? Well, I'm not sure if the last book will be such a huge priority now that I was so underwhelmed by you. This review just makes me sad because I wanted to love you so much and it's reminding me of all the ways I didn't. I believe I originally rated you a 3, but after sitting here and thinking it through, I think you're more of a solid two on the Becca review scale.



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