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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Heart-Warming Letter To The Boy Most Likely To...

From Becca...

The Boy Most Likely To
by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Hardcover: 432 pages 
Publisher: Dial Books (August 18th, 2015)
Language: English
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A surprising, utterly romantic companion to My Life Next Door—great for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han 

Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To find the liquor cabinet blindfolded, need a liver transplant, and drive his car into a house

Alice Garrett was The Girl Most Likely To . . . well, not date her little brother’s baggage-burdened best friend, for starters.

For Tim, it wouldn’t be smart to fall for Alice. For Alice, nothing could be scarier than falling for Tim. But Tim has never been known for making the smart choice, and Alice is starting to wonder if the “smart” choice is always the right one. When these two crash into each other, they crash hard.

Then the unexpected consequences of Tim’s wild days come back to shock him. He finds himself in a situation that isn’t all it appears to be, that he never could have predicted . . . but maybe should have.

And Alice is caught in the middle.

Told in Tim’s and Alice’s distinctive, disarming, entirely compelling voices, this novel is for readers of The Spectacular NowNick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Paper Towns.

Dear The Boy Most Likely To, 

I've had my eye on you for quite some time now. I absolutely adored your companion novel, My Life Next Door, and I couldn't wait to see more of those characters and Tim and Alice (who I totes shipped from the very beginning). 

Going in, I had no idea what the 'unexpected consequences' of Tim's would be. I never really even considered it, but my heart broke for him. He's trying to get his life right and things are finally happening between him and Alice, and then 'this' happens. I won't go into details,  because obviously spoilers, but the character development was simply perfect throughout you. Tim's timeline and transformation were exactly what I was hoping for, and he made me proud of him, despite how many people didn't believe he could ever do the right thing. Alice was well, if anyone read My Life Next Door, you know exactly how Alice is, but I really loved getting to know her better, what makes her tick, and why she does the things she does. I related to most of the things she felt, which is sometimes hard for me to do in contemporary books. Your author, Huntley Fitzpatrick, completely nails it. 

Now you aren't a story with all types of happy things going on. There's a lot of struggles to be found inside your pages. Tim is trying to clean up his life and step away from the drugs and alcohol from his wild days. Alice is busy trying to take care of her entire family and step into full-on mom mode while her mom takes care of her dad in the hospital. I think my favorite parts of you were when the whole family was around. Those little Garrett boys had me cracking up nonstop! So while there may be some darker themes, there are also lots of light ones-- love, happiness, friendship, loyalty, warmth, family. Those themes tied this book up for me, and made me warm in the heart. 

Unfortunately, I didn't love you as much as I loved My Life Next Door. Sam and Jase just hit some soft part of my heart, and wrapped their swoony coupley-ness around my heart. Of course, I loved Tim and Alice's relationship and watching it transform, but I felt like you were missing something to make you phenomenal. While you weren't the best contemporary I've read this year, you were hardly the worst either. I think fans of My Life Next Door should definitely pick you up, just to see where the story ends up. I leave you with three stars, The Boy Most Likely To.  (Also, thanks to the Cover Gods for having this book match up with My Life Next Door! BRAVO!)


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