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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Ten OCD Reading Habits...

From Becs....

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & The Bookish

This week's topic is a freebie, so I picked Top Ten OCD Reading Habits. I just picked a random one that's been done before, because I've never done this one, and it sounds fun! So what are some of Becca's OCD Reading Habits? Find out below!

1. I have to have my books in alphabetical order on my shelves. I've tried, and tried, and TRIED to arrange them in other ways, because I love the color coding thing, but I cannot STAND to have my series split up. It gives me hardcore anxiety, I'm not even 

2. I have to keep my read books & unread books in opposite rooms. I'm dead serious. All of the books I've read are in my 'office' and all of my unread books are in my room (which are getting slightly out of hand).

3. I cannot read e-copies. Mostly this is an eye issue. I was blessed with HORRIBLE eyesight (thanks mom & dad), and unfortunately get diehard migraines if I look at any type of screen too long. But even if I could stand to do it, I really think I would prefer physical copies. They look prettier on display anyways. :)

4. I always use a bookmark. There ain't no dog-earing happening in this household! My mom borrows my books, and she has a list of rules she has to follow if she plans to keep borrowing my babies. You think I'm kidding, but I'm totally not. Haha.

5. I refuse to eat while I'm reading. I also always wash my hands before I read. Wow, I sound like a total nutter, but it never fails. Every single time I have done this, I've gotten it on my pages. Nothing makes me rage harder than ruined/stained pages.

6. I HATE STICKERS ON BOOKS. Okay, maybe I lied about nothing making me rage harder. THIS MAKES ME TURN INTO A FIRE-BREATHING BITCH QUEEN. For realsies. My dad thinks I'm crazy every time I have to peel one of those suckers off, and THEN IT PEELS OFF PART OF THE COVER. IT MAKES ME RAGEY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. *snarls*

7. No one borrows my books. (Besides Becca's mom, because she has proven herself worthy). But anyone else? I have trust issues. At least with my mom, I can oversee how she's treating my babies since I live with her. I have had horror stories happen to me regarding my books. Never again will I allow book borrowing to happen. Maybe that's mean but sorry not sorry. *hair flip*

8. I always finish books. I don't care if it's the rutting worst book I've read in my entire life, I will push through that sucker. I feel bad if I don't! Or guilty. I keep hoping that it will redeem itself eventually, but most times, it doesn't. Some have surprised me though. *cough The Orphan Queen cough*

9. I don't have a reading schedule. Seriously, bravo to those of you that do. I don't know how ya'll do it! I've tried, but I'm 100% a mood reader. If I'm not in the mood for something, then I will hate it no matter what. 

10. I have to read the book before I watch the movie. I absolutely refuse to watch the movie if I want to read the book, because most of the time they never match up. I have had The Book Thief on my shelf since before the movie was even a thing, and I have the movie. Still have yet to watch it because I haven't read it. I will.......eventually. 

So what are some of YOUR OCD reading habits? Are any of yours the same as mine? Let's discuss!


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