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Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Autumn So You Should Listen to the Scorpio Races Audiobook (Again) 2015

by Elisa

The Man-Eating Horses of Autumn:

Having moved to the sunny shores of San Diego, I haven’t yet become used to the mild weather. Unsurprisingly, it just didn’t click that it was the Fall. To help me beginning to enjoy pumpkin lattes, I decided to listen to the Scorpio Races to get me in an autumnal mood. The season for man-eating water horses to climb onto shore begins in October and goes through November. In celebration, the water horses (also called the kelpie or cabyll-ushtey) run wild and free in the ancient festival of the Scorpio Races.

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater is one of my favorite books ever. I can’t perfectly pin-point why. It is so simple, but deeply character driven.  I don't even like horses much, but rugged Sean Kendrick's love of for his dangerous Cabyll-ushtey is just so dang sexy. And I admire the tough Katie Connelly deeply. Despite her tragedies, she is so firey and brave and silent in all the ways I am not. Their connection is so deep, I always feel like the reader barely begins to scratch the surface of what might transpire.

The world Stievater made is also like none other. Being in the north, it reminds me of Ireland or Britain. The Island of Thisby is so natural and brutally stark. Then with the added fantasy character of the water horse, there is a mysterious and magical element that makes this world come alive.  I really want to fall in love on the Island of Thisby, too!

So if you have never read the Scorpio Races yet, do yourself a favor and don’t. Yep. You read that sentence right. Don't read it. Instead, listen to it.

The Audiobook:

Why? It was pretty good and I thought the readers did an excellent job. I was actually disturbed at the beginning when listening to the Scorpio Races because I was also listening to Ember in the Ashes at the same time. Apparently, the main guy character in both of these audiobooks is the same reader. I would think Sean was Ilyas and then Ilyas was Sean and kept getting the characters confused. Considering, I quit listening to Ember in the Ashes so I could identify Sean Kendrick's’ voice. My advice is simple: don’t listen to The Scorpio Races while listening to Ember in the Ashes.

Besides that--which really has nothing to do with The Scorpio Races themselves--I really loved the audiobook, I totally recommend it, and am even considering making listening to it a fall tradition.  

Maggie's Stiefvater also created this cool diddly with what I assume is a tin whistle and drums to play in the in the background on the intro and wrap-up on the audiobook:  

I haven’t seen any man-eating kelpie rise from the Southern California ocean tides yet, but I am still looking. In the meantime, The Scorpio Races have made me thoroughly embrace the autumn season!

Do you have any books you like to read or listen to for different seasons of the year?

The Scorpio Races
by Maggie Stiefvater

Sexuality - Minor or mild
Language - Minor?
Violence - Moderate

This is a pretty clean read, but I am not sure younger teens would enjoy it because the character-driven themes could be perceived as boring.

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