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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I've Got 99 Problems, and Finding a New Book That Hooks Me is My Biggest One (WITH THE 100 GIFS)...

from Bec's...

Recently, (more like the last six months or so, but hey, who's counting?) I've had a hard time reading. Not necessarily that I couldn't read or didn't want to. I DESPERATELY WANT TO. But what happens when you've been oversaturated with so many amazing books that other books start to seem blah?

I've entered the land that every book nerd dreams of (the part about all the freakishly great books this year), or in my case, dreads. Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely loving all of the fantastic books coming out! LOVE IT! I have found dozens upon dozens of phenomenal reads this year; some that have even become all time favorites of mine. But it's unfortunately pushed me into a not-reading wormhole that I'm frantic to find my way out of.

I can't lose my best friends......books.
When you reach the point where you are twenty books deep on your 'currently reading' tab on goodreads, you know you have a problem.

When you put each one of those books down to 'read later' after not even making it fifty pages or more and pick up another just to do the same (rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat), you know you have a problem.

When you find yourself at the crossroads of 'should I even keep updating my 'currently reading' tab or not', because you've dnf'd so many books that it's almost embarrassing, you know you have a problem.

When you open goodreads, and find out that you just now made it to the halfway mark on your goodreads challenge for the entire year, you know you have a problem.

Reading has become a chore to me now. THANKS AMAZING BOOKS! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME! Ha. Just kidding (kind of), books. You know I love the crap out of you and your amazing words, characters, plots, worlds. But come on, you're showing all these other books up. What is a reader supposed to do after reading you?

What happened to the days of just randomly picking GREAT books?

I'm grasping for things to do to fix the undeniably WORST CASE SCENARIO EVER (for a literary chick who does nothing with her life except bookish things). I've even started contemplating re-reading other incredible books, which is something that I never ever ever do. What is wrong with me?! How could I even contemplate that when I have literally hundreds (you think I'm kidding) of unread books in my room? Some of those books could actually be the saviors I'm fiercely searching for, but how in the world do I find them?

Help! I've legitimately fallen into a reading hole, and I can't find my way out. What should I do? Keep trying other books in hopes that I'll finally find one that clicks? Have I reached that point in my life where I can't keep reading the same book until I finish it? Am I the only one going through this? I feel like I'm having a reader mid-life crisis or something, and I have no earthly idea how to fix it.

So until I find a solution to my ever-growing search for 'The One' (Hello, Passenger. Are you the droid....I mean, book....I'm looking for? PLEASE) and frantically praying to the almighty Book Gods to place that book within my fingertips reach, I'll just be over here crying myself to sleep at night, because my fictional feels are broken.

But when I do find 'The One', I'm sure my reaction will be a little something like this...

(Obvi I'm Clarke and the book is Bellamy) 

Have you ever been through this? What did you do to overcome your reading slump? HELP ME! I need to find a new Bellamy (aka book, b/c the real Bellamy is just fine, if you know what I mean and if you don't then you obviously need to watch The 100 STAT. I COMMAND IT!)

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