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Friday, January 22, 2016

So You Think You're A 'Book Pusher'...

By Becca...

So you think you may be a Book Pusher? 

Well, I've got some good news for you (and maybe some bad), because if you didn't know, I am a Book Pusher. I have been called a Book Pusher since my very early days of book blogging. This makes it sound like people were calling me something bad, but I love being a Book Pusher, and personally I think fellow Book Pushers should come together and form a club. Obviously, I'd be Captain, and we could constantly push books onto each other. Sounds fun, right? 

For those of you who don't yet know what a 'Book Pusher' is:

Book Pusher (n.) -
  • Anyone who tries to convince others to form a reading habit.
  • Anyone who 'pushes' or convinces people to read certain books. 
  • The uncontrollable urge to repeatedly recommend your favorite books to people over and over and over again until they read them. 

But what is life like to actually be a Book Pusher?
Well, luckily for you, I'm going to tell you exactly what it is like!

1. You are constantly searching for the next book to 'push' onto everyone. This makes it sound like I'm searching for books to literally push on top of people.

2. You are also constantly in fear that you will never find another book that you love enough to want to frantically tweet at people to read it, read it, READ IT!! This seems to happen when you are in an exceptionally large reading slump. You've been forewarned.

3. You feel like you annoy people with how passionate you tend to be about certain books. Seriously, if I annoy you with my pestering, let me know. But I probably won't push books unless I'm invited to. You have to ask for recs from me first. I'm not just going to randomly jump on you and scream READ THIS! Unless you ask nicely 

4. You can't remember which books you've previously 'pushed' on people, and are afraid you're just saying the same books all day, every day. 

5. Then once you see someone actually pick up said pushed book, you freak out, wondering if it was actually as amazing as you remember it being. I mean, could you imagine if they ended up HATING it. Awkward 


6.  ALL ENTHUSIASM ABOUT BOOKS 25/8. Seriously. Books are probably the only thing that I can actually show enthusiasm over. And puppies. But whatever. 

7. Worrying over how to reply when a friend from high school asks for book rec's. Like, do I play this cool? Do I show them how passionate I am about this? DO I GO FULL ON BOOK PUSHER? And what happens if it's a boy asking? Oh well. They probably think I'm weird already because of all my facebook posts. (I told you, BOOKS 25/8)

8. Looking for your next victim. WHO SHOULD I BOOK PUSH NEXT? MWAHAHAHA! 

Becca the Book Pusher's Origin Story: 

Once upon a time, back when bookstores called Border's still existed and I was best friends with my older sister, I had my first taste of what it felt like to actually recommend a book to someone, and legitimately hound them until they read it. My sister didn't take much convincing. After I convinced her to read Twilight, she was completely hooked. It took my mom a little longer to convert to the YA Side. She was your typical Harlequin Romance reader, going to library sales and literally bringing home boxes of books that she got for 5 cents a piece. I'm not going to lie, she was probably my hardest bookish conquest. It took me six months to a year to finally, FINALLY get her to listen to me, and trust my word. I was a teenager at the time, and I'll be 100% honest on how I convinced her to read Twilight. I begged. I whined. I hounded. She was probably sick to death of hearing about those stupid books by the time she gave in that she probably just realized I would never give up until she did. And look what happened. I officially became the biggest Book Pusher, and my mom ended up a die hard fan of YA. She doesn't even read Harlequin Romance books anymore. My mom is 58 years old, and she's one of the biggest YA fans I have ever met, which just shows that YA books aren't just for 'young adults', they're for whoever the hell enjoys them. I'm happy that my mom and I share this between the two of us. It's brought us so much closer than I ever could of imagined. So book push your parents! It's fun, I swear! (Oh, also, my dad is reading his first novel. Granted it's not YA, but it's totally okay, because it's about dogs and puppies!) 

 This is my mom's TBR Book Shelf. Lots of YA! 
She gets all the perks from me, and it's not fair!
Also NOTE: She likes to read FINISHED series, so that's why she hasn't read any of the REALLY good ones yet.

 By now, you should know, without a doubt, whether you are a Book Pusher, or not. What do you think you are? :)

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