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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

REAL TALK: Becca's Having Problems Finding Time To Read...

By Becca...

If you've been following the trials and tribulations of Becca over the past few weeks, you'd know that I was just getting back into crazy work season and that I recently achieved convincing my parents to buy me a puppy. Well, I love Manon Bellarke Blackbeak Fowler SO SO SO MUCH, but puppies are SO. MUCH. WORK. And she likes to keep me up all night so she can play, so my days and nights have been completely out of wack.

Anywho, I was on such a great start for my goodreads reading challenge for 2016, but now that I'm losing a lot of sleep due to puppy-raising, working a lot more, exercising again, and also starting to date a new guy (WHAT?! Yes. Surprise Everyone. It was a surprise to me too. We'll see how it develops, though. We all know how my luck with guys is, right? HAHA. It's nonexistent.), I've found my reading time to basically diminish from 25/8 to ZERO. I have maybe read 60 pages in the past two weeks, and that makes me feel absolutely sick to my stomach to think about! Who am I without books? I'm basically going through reading withdrawals. Not even kidding. (But don't think that means that I've stopped buying them! Oh no! I've probably bought about 8 during this reading drought. I have a problem, remember?!)

It's definitely given me a new appreciation for every blogger/reader/everyone who actually has a lot going on in their lives, or at least, a lot more than I do, and also find the time to do everything else as well. How do you make time to read? And sleep? And blog? And do mommy duties? Or students? Homework? Dating? Friends? Clubs? Sports? HOW DO YOU GUYS DO THIS? Thinking about trying to juggle all these things gives me anxiety. Am I just extremely lazy? Probably. LOL. YA'LL ARE ROCKSTARS!

I know part of my problem is that I've never been a planner/scheduler/etc., because for the longest time, all I did was work, read, blog, and sleep. I could afford to procrastinate as long as I wanted, but now that I have these new additions to my life all of a sudden, I'm not quite sure how to balance it all out without completely burning myself out on everything? Obviously I could never give up blogging or reading, (you're stuck with me FOREVER!) but am I trying to do too much? Is it too hopeful of me to want to try to do all of it? 

Trying to remind myself that staying up until 3 am every night and not waking up until noon the next day and not something I can technically do anymore is hard when all I want to do is read ALL THE BOOKS. Readjusting to my new sleeping schedule (Thanks Manon! Lol) has been interesting without being able to keep my eyes open long enough to read more than a chapter at a time. That sounds so pathetic, but it's completely the truth. I guess this is what most people don't really know about me, because I've never really shared it online. People form assumptions based only on what's shared through social media, which sucks but we all do it. Even I do.

But I bet it might surprise a few of you to know that I only have one friend who lives in the same state as me that isn't related to me. Recently, I was able to bump that number up to two. But if you just followed my life on twitter, you would think that I have a ton of friends, and I do. Unfortunately, I just don't live near many of them. Due to that, I started staying home a lot, and had all the time in the world to do any and everything I wanted to. After over two years of this, it's just become my life. Trying to squeeze new things into my normal routine is and has been difficult but each rewarding in their own way, if that makes sense. I've been a puppy mommy for 2 weeks (eep), started making money again (yay), lost 7 lbs. and quit smoking (woot), and possibly the beginning of a relationship (zomg). So, life has taken a turn for the much more interesting/entertaining/healthier recently, and the whole point to this point was that the only people I know to ask for help with finding a way to get back into my reading groove are you guys. My friends!

So help me! Tell me your story. Tell me how to get my reading time back? How you juggle all the things and retain your mental health? How you squeeze in naps/secret reading time/etc. when you should be doing other things? If the way I'm feeling is normal? If you've been through something like me? Let's discuss!

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