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Monday, February 8, 2016

Whatchu Worrying About, Book Nerd?

By Becca...


1. To go out at night or stay home and read

I don't know about you guys, but this is something I constantly worry about. I get asked to go doing something mundane, but but but this book that I'm reading is so good. I need to finish it like ASAP.

I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!! If I go out, all I'm going to be doing the whole time is wondering about my book and feel miserable. 

I'm not a people person. I'm a book person.

Yeah, most of the time, the choice I make is pretty clear. Just know, I do feel a tiny bit bad about not going out. BUT THIS BOOK IS WORTH IT, OKAY?! SORRY NOT SORRY.

2. To let them borrow or not to let them borrow... 

I LOATHE  letting people borrow my books. I know this is a little selfish, but the entire time, I worry about...

A.) Did they wash their hands before opening it? Are they getting fingerprints all over my beautiful book's pristine pages?


C.) Did they use my book as an umbrella during that last thunderstorm? 

D.) Is their dog using my baby as their new chew toy? 

E.) OMG. Do they have a bookmark? They better not be dog earing my pages. I should've given them a complimentary bookmark. OMGOMGOMG. 

3. To book hype or not to book hype

I don't like book hype. AT ALL. Because I always set myself up for disappointment. The one time this hasn't happened was with The Winner's Curse. Oh that book deserves all the hype. But wait. So did Truthwitch, ACoTaR, and Six of Crows. FABULOUS BOOKS!
If I book is being crazily hyped up though, I worry about it living up to it (cough cough We Were Liars & An Ember in the Ashes cough). WHY IS THIS BOOK SO SPECIAL?! AM I GOING TO THINK IT'S SPECIAL? WHAT IF I'M THE ONE PERSON WHO HATES IT? I DON'T WANNA BE A BLACK SHEEP. SO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

4. To book push or not to book push

If you know me, I like to push books onto people. But I constantly worry about whether the person I pushed said book on, is going to completely fall in love with it or not. WHAT IF THEY DON'T? ARE THEY GOING TO HATE ME? PLEASE JUST LOVE THE BOOK I PUSHED? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OMG
Not sure if you are, in fact, a book pusher? Here are some of the symptoms to look for! Don't worry, Book Pushers are the BEST people to be friends with! (Hi, I'm a book pusher, and we should be friends so I can push books on you. Not literally. Push you into reading them. You get it. Right? Haha.)

5. To buy food for dinner or buy that newest book release

Is dinner really important to me?

I can totes go a few days without eating, because I need this book like yesterday. 

This is something others worry about, right?

Food schmood. I'll just fill my stomach up with water instead while I'm devouring my new book. 

Words are food too! Food for the brain, yo!

6. To get a boyfriend IRL or just stick with the Fictional Boyfriends

Seriously guys. Boys have cooties. EW. Plus, they are mean. So it's way better that I just stick with my fictional boyfriends than actually get one, right?

I mean, just think of all the reading time I'll be giving up to have a real boyfriend.

Even worse, just think of how jealous an IRL boyfriend would be of all my book boyfriends. I ain't about to deal with that. Leave that jealousy drama for your mama. Smh. 
But then again, when I try to bring my book boyfriends to Thanksgiving dinner, things might get a little weird. Oh, hi, Grandma. Meet my boyfriend. *Holds up Crown of Midnight* His name is Chaol. *smiles and pets book*

7. To go on a book buying ban or not

If anyone needs to go on a book buying ban, it's probably me. I mean, OVER two bookshelves are full of my TBR books. OVER TWO BOOKSHELVES people. So I'm constantly trying to convince myself I need a book buying ban. Of course, the fact that I worry about it doesn't actually spur me to put myself on one. I just can't. 

Oh, look! A NEW BOOK! BUYING RIGHT NOW! FAIL. And the really sad thing is that I don't even really have that much time to read new releases anymore. Now that I have established some contacts with publicists, I'm buried in review copies. Not that I'm complaining! They are great. But the burden of review copies can be a little overwhelming at some times. 

8. To OTP or not OTP

This book couple is my One True Pairing..until I read my next book and have a new one. I thought I was only supposed to have ONE OTP, but I can't do it. If I had to pick one OTP to save my life, I would be dead right now. 

So basically I have LOTP's. Lots of True Pairings. BOOM! KAPOW! Chicka, chicka, DEAL WITH IT.

9. To watch the Movie/TV Show adaptation or not to watch?

I struggle with this as well. I have this quirk where I have to read the book before I watch the movie adaptation. Which basically means I haven't seen A TON of adaptations. 
BUT the movie looks so good, Becca! AND it's getting rave reviews. You need to see the movie. BUT WHAT ABOUT READING THE BOOK? Okay, I'll wait. Until I see another preview and the cycle repeats. 
Case in point: The Book Thief. I still have yet to watch the movie, because I haven't read the book. I really need to do that. Or The Shannara Chronicles (But I've only watched like 2 eps.)

Also, what if the movie adapt is getting horrible reviews and the preview looks less than promising (City of Bones tv show. I enjoyed the movie)? What if it's is BETTER than the book? (Highly unlikely. The Help and Catching Fire come pretty close though!) What if the movie butchers the book? (HIGHLY LIKELY. Because come on. NOTHING compares to the book!

This is one of the WORST dilemmas to constantly worry about. 

10. Where is the mailman?

Did he come yet?
*peeks through curtains*

Did I get anything?
What if I DON'T get anything?

What if he lost that package that I was supposed to get?

Why isn't it here yet?

*kicks mailbox*
All day, every day.
11. To DNF or to NOT DNF.
Honestly, I think this might be one of my worst worries. I have such a hard time making the decision about whether I should quit a book or not. I just want to love every book so much! The fact that I'm not loving a certain book wrecks my emotions. I feel so guilty! I will totally put a book aside, and just not read at all (this has gone on for weeks, which explains my horrible goodreads challenge last year) before I finally force myself to DNF it. 

12. Which book character do I name my puppy after?!
Choosing a name for anything is hard. A baby. A computer. A car. And especially a puppy. The past three times I've been given the opportunity to name a puppy, I chose random things. Cinnamon (I was four, okay), Gentry, and Dixie. Nothing special, just things that popped into my head and stuck. I recently talked my parents into more like I begged until they relented getting me a puppy for my 25th birthday. I mean, this is my last significant birthday until I'm over the hill. It needs to be special, right? Well, I prevailed, and after a few weeks of waiting, worrying, and considering the perfect fictional character to name my puppy after (I even did a TTT post on it), I decided on........wait for it...... MANON BELLARKE BLACKBEAK FOWLER. Yes, she has four names. Yes, she is a witch. Yes, she rules the puppy kingdom.  
13. To buy a new bookshelf or just keep piling those books on the floor.
Yeah, I'm the girl who has piles upon piles of books on the floor. I've covered every available shelf, dresser, nightstand, mini fridge. You name it, it has books on it! I want  more shelves. Trust me, I desperately need them. BUT I'm a total stiff when it comes to money. I'm the cheapest person ever. I HATE spending my money UNLESS it's on a book. Then it's fair game, and hopefully I don't have my credit card with me, because that is NOT a good idea. Credit cards & books make Becca extremely happy, but they make my pocket book very, very sad and disappointed. 
BESIDES, I don't even have ROOM for another bookshelf. IDEK what I'm going to do with all these books. *looks under bed*

14. When the next book in a certain series is releasing?
*finishes book
*checks goodreads for next book*
*looks at release date*
NERD. RAGE.     
15. What if *insert favorite author here* NEVER writes another book? Or worse, NEVER FINISHES THEIR SERIES. 
Life isn't forever unfortunately. As much as I hate to say it, everyone's favorite author is going to die eventually. BUT what happens if they die in the middle of their unfinished book series? WHAT THE HELL WOULD WE DO? I CAN'T EVEN WRITE THIS WITHOUT HAVING MINI PANIC ATTACKS AT THE THOUGHT OF THIS HAPPENING. *breathes into bag* *deep breaths*  
I really want something dystopian. No, wait. *looks at shelves* I've been wanting to read this book for ages! *spots another book* AND THIS ONE! OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE?!?!?!

What are some bookish things that you find yourself worrying about? Do you worry about some of the same stuff I do? Let's discuss!

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