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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

STONE FIELD by Christy Lenzi \\ A Wuthering Heights Retelling

Review by Krista
by Christy Lenzi
Inspired by Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press (March 29, 2016)
Language: English Goodreads | Amazon

A stunning debut novel that offers a new look at a classic love story about soul mates torn apart by the circumstances of their time.

Catrina Dickinson is haunted by her past and feels caged in by life in small town Missouri. When she discovers a strange man in Stone Field where her family grows their sorghum crop, her life takes on new meaning. He has no memory of who he is or what brought him to Cat's farm, but they fall passionately in love. Meanwhile, the country is on the brink of the Civil War, and the conflict in Missouri demands that everyone take a side before the bloodbath reaches their doorstep.

A passionate and atmospheric reimagining of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Stone Field explores how violence and vengeance perverts the human spirit, and how hatred can be transcended by love.
I have never read Wuthering Heights and am now curious if I had what my change my opinions of this story. Going into it somewhat blind on where the story would go I was almost mesmerized while reading it. The story read like an old family story grandparents would tell around the fire. The atmosphere, to me was almost like being in a dream and everything rounded out the story so unexpectedly for me.

The main character Catrina is what really drove the story for me. There were several times throughout the story that I questioned her sanity. After finding a naked man in the field, she becomes obsessed with him. Both physically and mentally drawn to this man who does not remember who he is. They fall headfirst in love with each other and cannot keep their hands off each other. But is it love or lust? It seems to Catrina that the both are one and the same. Catrina has always been known as a wild child, her friends and family try to tame her. Especially when Stonefield begins to regain some of his memories and her brother puts his foot down regarding their unconventional relationship.

There was never a time that I became bored throughout the story. In a way it haunted me whenever I had to put it down. I believe that was due to the atmosphere and prose of the writing. I feel that there maybe some that are worried about the "insta-love" in books. This is one that really fits the story though, being completely swept away from her boring reality, Catrina and Stonefield truly find instant soul mates with each other. I think it was very well done. This is a story that I am looking forward to reading again.

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