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Monday, March 14, 2016

The 19 Most Annoying Things This Reader Is Tired Of Hearing...

By Becca...

Ever since I publicly established myself as a hardcore reader, a lot of really annoying things have been said to me. I'm not meaning by other readers or you guys, whatsoever. I mean by people who don't read or strangers or randos or those pesky people I went to high school with and added on Facebook years ago and somehow they haven't deleted me yet despite the fact that the only thing I post is book stuff. Hearing the same type of statements over and over just gets super annoying over time. I know most mean well, but sometimes their comments just take away my precious reading time, and I'm So. Over. It.

1. "What's your favorite book of all time?"
Honestly this only gets annoying to me because HOW DO I CHOOSE? HOW?! It's impossible. Like picking your favorite movie, or food, or something. Picking favesies isn't fun for anyone, okay?

2. "I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're reading, but..." Literally ANYTHING after this statement is annoying. Unless it involves tacos.

3. "I'm sorry but your credit card was declined. I'm just going to have to put these books back on the shelf."  But I needz them.

4. "YA is just for Young Adults."  
Psshhh. And science fiction is just for scientists? Yes, that's how stupid that statement sounds. Let me just laugh in your face while I continue reading Lady Midnight. Sorry, not sorry. 


5. "What's that book about?" 
I love talking books and synopsis and all that stuff. I mean, I do spend the majority of my time blogging and social media-ing about books. However, this question gets annoying to me when I can tell someone is just asking for the heck of it or just to keep the conversation going. Sometimes it takes all I have not to just look at them and say "GOOGLE IT." But then my reputation would be ruined, so mmmm better not..

6. "Your missing out on real life by spending all your time reading books."  
Yet another thing that I say "PSHHH" to, because that statement is completely ridonkulous. Yup. 

7. "You'll never get a boyfriend (or girlfriend!) if you don't stop reading so much."  
And yet how many boyfriends have I had in my life? The sarcasm is strong with my response to this one.

8. "This book is the next Hunger Games or TFioS or Divergent, etc."  
Nope. NO. IT IS NOT. Okay, there's like a .01% chance that it might be, but the only reason you said that and put it on the front cover was for a marketing ploy. OVER it.

9. "You have a reading problem."  
Well, I could have a drinking problem, but then I thought... mmmm, reading sounds like a much better thing to have a problem with. 

10. "Oh, have you read this book or this book or this book even though I know you don't read books in this genre?" 
I know you mean well. I really do. But as much as I wish I have, I have not read every single book that's ever existed, and the chance that I read a harlequin romance published 10 years ago (when you know that I only read YA Fiction) is at like a negative 5 on a scale of 1-10. 

11. "You just haven't found the right book (in X genre)."  
Ehhhh that could be true. I've said that as a generalized statement to people who say they hate reading BUT I didn't specify a specific genre. I highly doubt that I'd ever be into dino-romance no matter how many different books I read in that genre. Some people just don't dig the same things, and that's what makes people so fascinating and diverse! 

12. "Maybe you should stop reading and go out tonight."  
Maybe you should ask me if I'd actually like to get dressed and prettified to "go out" instead of not so subtly suggesting it, because getting out of my jam-jams and putting this book down to go "socialize" doesn't sound appealing at all. I like my nights spent with the only thing that matters to current book boyfriend. Duh.

13. "Oh, this new movie is coming out. It's based on a book. Do you think it will compare?"  
*scoffs* Of course NOT. Ha! Book-to-movie adapts never ever ever compare to the book. Some do a pretty good job at coming close, but just no.

14. "You have way too many books."  
One can NEVER have too many books!

15. "You bought ANOTHER book?! Don't you have two bookshelves of unread books?" 
Yes, I did. Yes, I do. Your point is..?

16. "Can I borrow that book? And this one? Oh, and that one too?"  
I'm not a library. I'm not a library. I'm not a library. I've invested so much money into my books that I just can't afford to let everyone constantly borrow them, because I know they won't treat them with the care that I do. I TRUST NO ONE.But the good news is that a library card is totes free, and they probably have the same stuff I do PLUS MORE! Life's not so hard when you have a library card! Haha.

17. "You read way too much."  
You do *insert whatever here* way too much. How do you like being told that? So stahp that!! Okay? Okay. 

18. "That's cool that you like books so much. I hate reading." Oh, so what part of that was I supposed to believe? Because it sounds kind of hypocritical for you to think that it's cool that I love to read, but you hate it. How can you think that it's cool and hate it? Does. Not. Compute. But maybe that's just me. *shrugs*

19. "So you must want to be an author since you read so much."  
Actually, believe it or not, you can love to do something and not want to do it for a living. Just because I love to eat amazing food doesn't mean I want to be a chef. Trust me, that would be a total disaster. I'm no Ratatouille. Or am I? 

So what are some annoying things you're tired of hearing? Can you relate to any of mine? Let's discuss so we can gripe and giggle about it together!  


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