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Monday, July 4, 2016

Blog Tour & #Giveaway: Break Me Like A Promise by Tiffany Schmidt..

Review by Becca...

Break Me Like a Promise
Once Upon a Crime Family #2
By Tiffany Schmidt
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Pages: 416

All Magnolia Vickers ever wanted was to follow in her father's path and head up the Family business. And, once upon a time, she and Carter Landlow were going to do it together. But new legislation is about to destroy the Family's operations in the black-market organ trade, and Carter, her love, is dead.
Then Maggie runs into Alex, who needs something her family is uniquely able to deliver, and he's willing to manipulate her to get it. Maggie hates being blackmailed into fulfilling his bargain, but the longer it takes to help him--and as Alex's health declines--Maggie is surprised to find herself falling for him. Like it or not, if she wants to save Alex's life and carve out a place in the new legalized organ business, she's going to have to fight for both.
With swoon-worthy romance and thrilling tension perfect for fans of Holly Black and Kimberly Derting, this second book in the Once Upon a Crime Family series will hold readers spellbound.
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Break Me Like A Promise was a book I was interested in, because it continues the fascinating story of a mob family who specializes in the black market of organ trading, which hello! That is so cool and unique! I liked the previous book in the series, Hold Me Like A Breath, but I absolutely ADORED Break Me Like A Promise. Both are fairy tale retellings, which makes me love them both even more, especially since they are retellings of fairy tales that I can't say I've ever seen before.

Break Me Like A Promise doesn't follow Penny Landlow, like Hold Me Like a Breath does, so it's more of a companion novel, but to be up to speed on the events in BMLaP, you should definitely read book 1 or a lot of it probably won't make much sense to you. Break Me Like a Promise follows Maggie Vickers, who is suffering through her grief and emotional upheaval after the horrendous and brutal death of her secret love, Carter Landlow. Of course since their love was kept on the down low until after his death, not much of her family is there to help her work through her grief. It broke my heart each and every time she broke down. I've lost a lot of close friends in my life, so I understand exactly where each of her feelings were coming from. It's a darkness that's extremely hard to pull yourself out from, especially if you don't have the right support system to help you work through it. I couldn't imagine what that must have been like for Maggie. As her daddy's right hand woman and next in line to take over the family business, Maggie has to figure out a way to pull herself out of this slump and get back to work, but with the Organ Act and her dad's sudden approval of it on the horizon, Maggie isn't quite sure what she believes herself.

Enter Alex, a guy she meets at a computer repair shop who ultimately black mails her into getting him a new kidney once he finds out who she is. Of course, Maggie isn't too thrilled and agrees to it just to get her system fixed, but she never expected that Alex isn't the type of person to just sit back, relax, and forget about the promises Maggie made to him, because this promise is more than just a's life and death for Alex. Like it or not, Maggie now has to find a way to save herself, her family's future, and now Alex's very life, and along the way, finds herself falling for more than she bargained for.

I loved watching Alex and Maggie's relationship bloom. It was a slow-burn type of romance, but one that worked perfectly within the overall story at hand. There's swoons, friendship, betrayal, surprises, suspense, old friends, mystery, tears, and even more. Like I said, Hold Me Like a Breath didn't work well for me, but I think that's because I didn't emotionally connect to Penny like I did with Maggie right off the bat. I truly think this is a series worth checking out simply so you can read Break Me Like a Promise. It's worth, so, SO worth it. 4 pieces to Break Me Like a Promise! Fantastic job, Tiffany! LOVED it!

Praise for Break Me Like a Promise:

Romantic Times (Top Pick):  “Start this series immediately"

VOYA: "diverse and resilient female characters who engage the reader’s interest.”

BCCM: “Deeply Emotional. Works well for readers who like their sweet romance mixed with spicy suspense and a twist of The Godfather.”

Booklist: "The outstanding second romantic suspense novel in the Once upon a Crime Family series...Schmidt brings Maggie’s pain to life, and readers will rejoice when this prickly, pushy heroine starts to heal."

Hold Me Like a Breath.jpgAbout Book 1, Hold Me Like a Breath:

In Penelope Landlow's world, almost anything can be bought or sold. She's the daughter of one of the three crime families controlling the black market for organ transplants. Because of an autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise easily, Penny is considered too "delicate" to handle the family business, or even to step foot outside their estate.
All Penelope has ever wanted is independence-until she's suddenly thrust into the dangerous world all alone, forced to stay one step ahead of her family's enemies. As she struggles to survive the power plays of rival crime families, she learns dreams come with casualties, betrayal hurts worse than bruises, and there's nothing she won't risk for the people she loves.
Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Kimberly Derting, this first book in the stunning new Once Upon a Crime Family series from acclaimed author Tiffany Schmidt will leave readers breathless.

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Praise for Tiffany Schmidt’s Hold Me Like a Breath:

"Ambitious and original, Hold Me Like a Breath captured my attention before I even turned the first page. It's a thriller in every sense of the word." ―Michelle Hodkin, New York Times bestselling author of the Mara Dyer trilogy on HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH

"The tightly coiled suspense and superb romance had me holding my breath!" ―Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times bestselling author of DON'T LOOK BACK on HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH

"A gripping modern thriller for readers who still love fairy tales and people who think they've outgrown them. This is an offer you can't refuse!" ―E. C. Myers, author of THE SILENCE OF SIX and FAIR COIN on HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH

"Hold Me Like a Breath is heartfelt and haunting. Penny is a heroine to root for, a princess who creates her own ever-after." ―Jessica Spotswood, author of the Cahill Witch Chronicles on HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH

"The romance at the heart of the book is a sweet one . . . A decent girl-power twist on an old fairy tale for thriller lovers." ―Kirkus Reviews on HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH

About the Author:

TIFFANY SCHMIDT is the author of Hold Me Like a Breath, Send Me a Sign, and Bright Before Sunrise. She's found her happily ever after in Pennsylvania with her saintly husband, impish sons, and a pair of mischievous puggles. Find her online at or on Twitter @TiffanySchmidt.


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You can win a copy of Break Me Like a Promise, or if you’re new to the series, Hold Me Like a Breath for spreading the word. Enter via the Rafflecopter. Open to wherever The Book Depository ships.

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