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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SISTERS OF SALT AND IRON by Kady Cross \\ Looking For A Good Scare?

Review by Krista...

By Kady Cross
Series: The Sisters of Blood and Spirit #2
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Language: English

Lark Noble is finally happy. She’s trying to move on and put the events of the past behind her: the people who avoided her because she talked to the ghost of her dead twin sister, the parents who couldn’t be around her anymore and even the attempt she made on her own life. She finally has friends—people who know her secrets and still care about her—and she has Ben, the cute guy she never saw coming.

Wren Noble is lonely. Unable to interact with the living, she wants to be happy for her sister’s newfound happiness, but she feels like she’s losing her. It doesn’t help that Kevin, the very not-dead guy she was starting to fall for, seems to be moving on.

Then Wren meets Noah, the spirit of a young man who died a century ago. Noah is cute, he’s charming and he makes Wren feel something she’s never felt before. But Noah has a dark influence on Wren, and Lark’s distrust of him drives the sisters apart for the first time in their lives. As Halloween approaches and the veil between the worlds thins, bringing the dead closer to the world of the living, Lark must find a way to stop whatever deadly act Noah is planning, even if it means going through her sister to do so.

The second book in this series is just as good as the first, if not better. It starts out where the last left off and carries on the story of Lark and Wren, one sister dead, the other living. Together they battle the ghosts that want to hurt them or the living.

In the second book all the side characters are still involved and Wren falls in love with another ghost. It all builds up to Halloween night and the huge party that is to take place at the abandoned Asylum. Also Lark and Wren begin to discover more about their past and how their bloodline may have lead to their present situations. You will need to read the books in order as the stories continue on from the previous one.

The pacing of these books is pretty fast, there are several other side story lines that are happening along with the main one. Because of this there is always something happening and developing to the next step.

I really enjoyed so much about this story it's really hard to say my favorite. I enjoyed how involved their grandmother gets into helping them look for answers. There is also the traveling between worlds, the Void and the Shadow-lands and the interaction of others in those worlds, but perhaps I would say that my favorite part is the layering of mysteries and the connection to their bloodlines to possibly the Greek Gods? I am really excited to keep up with this series and recommend it to others that enjoy a good scare, a variety of characters and mythology.

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