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My name is Amy Reale. I make customized art out of books and other things. Check out my creations!

My designs are one-of-a-kind. I can make art out of any books or paper material you want. Photographs, playing cards, newspaper articles.
My creations are smooth as glass. They will never yellow. They will never brittle. They will last you a lifetime.

General Pricing:

Wreath: $150.

Vase: $100.

Lamp Shade:
small, $55.
medium, $90.
large , $110.

Lamp base:
small $105.
medium $145.
large $180.

Lamp Base & Lamp Shade:
small $150.
medium $225.
large $280.

Children's chair: $200.

Children's Rocking Chair: $250.

Large Flowers $25.  Medium: $20.  Small: $15. Planter: $30.

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  1. Your paper flowers are so beautiful! How do you come up with these genius moves?


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