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Keep Calm and Live Green with 7 Tree Maintenance Tips

Lots of people think that if you want to plant a tree, that’s what you do – simply plant the tree and let nature take care of it, right?


That might work well in the forest, for sure, but there in your garden, in the community, well it’s a different set of rules.

In these places, trees need to be looked after to stay looking beautiful and healthy – they need protection because they contribute to our quality of life and make our communities and our homes liveable.

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to tree maintenance here are a couple of tips to keep trees well maintained.

1) Keep tree roots protected

Healthy tree roots are required for healthy trees. Sometimes if the soil is tightly compacted, it can prevent water and oxygen from getting to the roots.

You might feel that your trees just aren’t looking their best – it might be that the soil is the culprit.

This is especially important if your tree is a seedling or if you have recently replanted a tree. Soil testing can help you determine the pH levels and minerals already in the soil.

You get DIY methods at your local home garden store; however, they may not reveal all the details you need about the soil that could be important to tree growth.

2) Water well

Even if your trees are well-established and thriving, if they don’t get regular water they can still suffer.

During dry seasons, be sure to keep them watered and if the trees are newly planted, they need regular watering to help them establish roots and thrive in the new soil.

3) Prune regularly

Remove dead or damaged tree branches – this is important because it prevents danger to property and people and also stops insects and other organisms from harming the tree.

Air and sunlight come to the branches of the trees which can actually save a tree from disease and other problems.

Study how to prune a tree, because pruning applies to the weather as well as whether a tree is dormant or blooming.

4) Regular maintenance of a tree

Regular maintaining of the tree can mean a couple of things, such as tree trimming or regular watering.

You can entrust your tree care to the pros and give them a longer, healthier life. 

You get tree maintenance companies like Stratton Landscaping so you can see what the costs would be.

5) Mulching

Not only does it look decorative, but mulching provides a lot of benefits for your trees.

The National Arbor Day Foundations says that it helps to insulate the soil around the tree from changes in the temperature as well as retaining moisture.

This is helpful for trees, particularly, that have been replanted. The size of the tree will depend on the amount of mulching.

6) Watching out for pests and diseases

You might give your tree plenty of TL, and yet there are still two enemies that will even attack a healthy tree. That is pests and disease – they can ruin your efforts.

You need to carefully monitor your tree to watch out for abnormal changes on the tree. These could be spots on the leaves, changes in the plant structure, or fungi.

These are good indicators that pests and diseases are impacting your tree. Landscaping pros can help to identify the problem and treat the trees appropriately for you.

8) Preparing your trees for winter

Before the first frosts arrive, you will need to get your trees ready for the onslaught of winter, particularly the small trees, ones you have replanted, or fruit trees.

Maybe you have some tarp you can cover them with. You can also put a layer of fertilizer around the tree so it gets some nutrients to and doesn’t lose too much.

Also, prune branches one last time so the trees can grow more in the spring, once the warm weather comes back.

For such beauty in your garden that makes the environment and your own garden so attractive, they are so worth taking care of correctly and you also increase a tree’s lifespan, protecting the root of our existence – it’s worth it!.